Friday, May 18, 2007

Do as 'true says

'true says I must blog, therefore I must.

Today I am sad. Miss Snark is retiring. The nitwits have worn her down (gee, hope it wasn't me). Miss Snark's was the first blog I became attached to, as in checking twenty times a day, just in case another jewel had dropped from her nib. I learned loads, became permanently attached to many other blogs that she introduced me to, and met some great people who write, critique and make me laugh.


On the plus side, my son's soccer team won 1-0 and he scored the only goal. Go the 7G1s! (snappy name, I know).


Travis Erwin said...


How does a soccer team come by such a name? Is it an Australian thing I'm missing? Just curious.

McKoala said...

It's all upside down here, as you know. But there is a secret code behind the name: 7= under 7s 'G'= a quality specification a good few grades behind the 'A' team and 1=for some reason in our club there are two 7Gs!

Clear as mud, I know.

Daphne Major said...

Hey McKoala - congrats on the blog momentum! I'm trying to get some energy behind mine, too, so I know the feeling! It feels great when you do it...and then I feel a little guilty as I should have been writing on the WIP. And now there's the huge void in my life where the Snark used to live...


Keep it up! And if you want to try out the newly reinstated Tuesday Morning writing exercises on Wordsicle, we'd love to have you!