Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Late update on Cricket Boy

There were tears. There was stamping. There was messy nose blowing. Cricket Boy did not wish to bat.

'But you were great last time!' Big, wet eyes that knew the truth looked up at me.

Quick update. 'You'll be great this week!' More tears.

Then, coaxed every step by the coach, he dragged out to the crease; shoulders slumped, bat a-hanging, pads unravelling.

And he whacked that ball! He slapped that ball! He clouted that ball! He didn't score many runs, but he did score a little bit of dignity, and that's enough for me.


Robin S. said...

Oh, McKoala.

This was great to read. It's so hard when your kids go through these trials - I remember it hurting me more deeply than anything else could, when mine were this age and they had their trials.

Now mine are 19 and 15 - and they have their trials - but it's not the same as when they were young and just figuring things out.

Precie said...

Aw! Go, Cricket Boy, go!

And YAY on such positive comments from EE about your opening!

McKoala said...

I know Robin; sometimes there's so little you can do, however much you might want to. They've got to take these steps into Big Life all by themselves.

Hi Precie, thanks for dropping by. I'm pretty happy with EE today - and that cheeky Church Lady too.