Thursday, July 31, 2008

Almost all better

I'm sure your good wishes made all the difference. Husbad now has Man Flu, however, which we all know to be a million times worse than Woman Flu, so keep the good thoughts coming.

This will be a random post about nothing in particular. Let's have some stats though. Not over the past fortnight, because I have a feeling it's more like a month, but The Woman in the Wall is now up to 18,000 words and zipping along. The things I'm putting that poor girl through. Sad, really. Yet fun. I'm glad to be back into it again. I've given myself a deadline for completing the first draft, which means I need to write an average of 1000 words a day for the next couple of months. Not so easy with work, kids and life. Tough love, though, people, tough love.

In other news...we haven't had a soccer update in a while. It's Soccer Boy's last match this weekend. They've only had one loss the whole season. Some of the parents want to keep the team together; others want to move on and strive for higher grades next year. We're torn. All modesty aside, Soccer Boy is probably the best on the team. But he's had an absolute ball with his friends . We're trying to decide what to do. At the moment the thought is to leave him with his friends so he has more fun, hope they get upgraded a little next year and also throw him into every individual course/talent-spotting opportunity that we see so he is ready for when things get competitive in a year or two. Best of both worlds. However, in the event that every good player on the team moves on, barring soccer boy, we may need to move him too. Fingers crossed that some of the other boys also favour fun over ambition!

Soccer Princess continues ambling around the field, playing aeroplanes, patting dogs and chatting to the other team. What a lovely time she is having. Her team fielded a non-regular player a couple of weeks ago due to low numbers and while Princess and her pals trotted about, doing their thing, this kid beavered up and down the field on his own and scored two goals for them. I don't think the Princess and her Princelings even noticed. There was a helicopter in the sky, and that was much more important.

Ho hum. Weather changeable. Winter yuk. I'm going to see Mamma Mia tonight and eating Thai afterwards. Go the Brisbane Broncos.

Yup. Random.


Whirlochre said...

For Woman Flu, take Ibuprofen.
For Man Flu, take cover.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Oh, Man Flu! That's even worse than Kid Flu!

Sending CA sunshine your way!

ChrisEldin said...

Man Flu----HAHAHAHAHA! That's too funny!

Glad you're feeling a bit better!

Can't wait to read "Woman in the Wall." Sounds like your voice anyway---

ChrisEldin said...


What happened to our links? And after you had that contest about who goes on top?

Since I noticed this lapse in your web design first, I want topsies.

McKoala said...

Ahem. In the course of the beautification of the blog (it's so pretty!), all my links went pffft.

I was just waiting for outrage from Competition Winner PJD, but I don't think he's noticed yet...

Not sure whether or not to simply reinstate as far as I can remember, or run another exciting competition, or try and find one of those cool things that shows who's just updated. Dilemma, dilemma. Hence I'm doing nothing for now. Heh heh.

Shoot, I've just realised that Book Roast is gone too, isn't it? Hmm, that urgents things up a bit.