Thursday, August 14, 2008

First day of filming

Went really, really well!

Clad in my beret and knickers (thanks BT) I lounged in my director's chair, chewing a fat cigar and bellowing instructions through a megaphone.

OK, so clad in jeans and a vaguely funky top...oh, all right, it was cold, so I kept my jacket on for most of the time so nobody even saw the funky top. Anyway, I drifted around artily...trying not to get into anybody's way...

What made it easy was that we were filming a semi-documentary section and our principal interviewee had done this a thousand times before, so he was brimming with useful suggestions and approaches, almost all of which we used. He also added in some off-script information I hadn't had access to and that worked incredibly well.

Once I had made sure that we had all the props we needed, which was a momentary crisis, as the person who was supposed to bring Top Secret Prop A, the only essential prop we need throughout the film, hadn't done it... However, my first lesson in directing was that sometimes you need to fudge things and we fudged it so well that at one point our interviewee forgot he wasn't handling the real thing and while off-camera was discussing the behaviour of Prop A, under the belief that is was the real thing! Fudged Top Secret Prop A is now nestled in a camera bag, ready for to continue its heroic role through the entire movie.

Then it was just a case of making sure I liked the set ups and helping the interviewees with their semi-scripted words - and letting the very experienced cameraman and technical director get on with it.

I think we have a week off filming next week, but I need to do some script adjustments, then we're back on set (that still makes me laugh!) for two or three days the week after.

Oh, and while I didn't have to do any make-up, WO will be gratified to learn that I did purchase coffee and sandwiches. Not because I was the only girl, but because I was the first one there. Note to self: waft in late next time.


Whirlochre said...

It's a harsh, cruel, world out there for the effortlessly funky...

Robin S. said...

Ha! I was gonna come and say something first and funny, but whirl beat me, and beat me well, to the draw. And made me laugh.

So between his effortlessy funky pronouncement, to McK saying she was gonna run behind next time so as not to even remotely indicate that she was up for being the coffee and sandwich girl, I can now drive on into DC with a smile.
At least for a few shining, blessed moments, before the cursing begins.

McK - can you take a pic of yourself in your role and pop it on here? Come on, girl. Please??? It would be so much fun and a good visual aid!!

laughingwolf said...

lol... sounds to me you're a natural for the film biz... show up, make sure the 'talent' is there, the props present, and then stay the hell out of everyone's hair... except when you MUST direct ;)

oh yeah, i hope you have a continuity checker... that's critical

McKoala said...

So sorry, daaahlings, been sooo busy editing the script. The budget's been cut, the star's in a snit and my beret blew off in a gale.

I get a free lunch today, though. The words 'knife and fork' were mentioned. Yum, proper food. Provided by a waiter.

Yeah, LW. Guess who the continuity person is...

I've earned that lunch!

Robin S. said...

McK - your CV is 'on fire', as they say.

Whirlochre said...

The budget's been cut,
the star's in a snit
and my beret blew off in a gale.

Sing this over a decent blues riff and the world's your oyster.

laughingwolf said...

dang, hope they pay you for each hat you wear!

writtenwyrdd said...

Sounds like it went off well, though, which I am glad to know. I'd be a nervous wreck being n charge of something like that.