Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Koala is Not Happy

Look to the right! I'm not pleased with a single one of you! I'm only moderately pleased with Sarah, whose status is dubious in the first place, due to trying to squeeze seven days into the weekend. The rest of you - bad, bad, bad! Get back to the grindstone! That's a computer, you know, not a desk ornament.

Report in, please: Chris, Robin and Sylvia. Grump. Snurfle.


pacatrue said...

I'm not even in the group and that frightens me.

Robin S. said...

That picture is a freakout!

Damn. I feel the timeout quivers across the vast Pacific, which is at this moment seeming very misnamed!

Well, I promise. I DO have a plan.
I've been reading a manuscript that is not mine, but it was very important that I read for someone. And that's all I can say.

But I'm just about to drill down on a novel-related project.

Project 1 - finish a polish on a short story- and I do mean a high sheen, and send it out to a boatload of lit mags over the next 3 weeks.

Am I semi-saved??

pjd said...

koala vampires?

what next? zombie koalas? perhaps riding zombie cows?

fairyhedgehog said...

I am so glad I didn't sign up for this. There is no "you look lovely when you're angry" about this koala!

Whirlochre said...

Just took five to luxuriate in my favourite armchair only to discover my buttocks rent from glute to max by the most ferocious of talons.

Time to update the Wikepedia entry for MARSUPIALS, if only to protect the whole of mankind...

jjdebenedictis said...

People? Those fangs ain't for show. I'm just sayin'.

*limps away, leaving red trail*

Sarah Laurenson said...

What a picture!

And last weekend was a nightmare only saved by my participating in Erica's synopsis boot camp during the week. I promise this weekend will be back to, well as normal as it gets around here and more words shall flow (rather than blood).

sylvia said...

*slinks into the room*

I have been editing, I have! The past four days, having heard rumours of claw-sharpening, I have done a chapter a day on the section-that-will-not-end and although today I didn't finish a chapter, I did 2000 words of it (it's a very long chapter. Maybe it should be two chapters. ARGH more rewrites).

I was *drops voice* wondering about maybe having the weekend off? It being a holiday and all...

J.C. Montgomery said...

I'd ask for a blood transfusion, but it seems we're all in the same boat.

Luckily a writing friend from Texas has given me an amazing incentive to write more in May. Basically, she threw me a life line and pulled me back over the edge. I have had a block so substantial that I was seriously thinking of shutting down my blog and taking up residence at the nearest bar.

I would share what it is she's offered to make my writing life work living, but I'm sure it's illegal in several states not to mention just plain rude since I'm sure it's only meant for one person to use at a time.

Off to the keyboard!!

McKoala said...

A plan is not wordcount. Updating Wikipedia is not wordcount. This weekend is not a holiday in Australia.

Do I make myself clear? *loud gnashing of fearsome teeth*

sylvia said...


writtenwyrdd said...

Those are tiger fangs on the koala, aren't they? Anyhow, cool and scary pic!

JaneyV said...

Bite me I've been doing NADA.

But yesterday I decided to change the location of the beginning of the book from Finchley to Manhattan. First chapter has been rewritten.


Robin S. said...

OK OK sorrrrryyyy!!

Today I wrote notes and edited a piece I'd written - hoping to have it published as a personal essay kind of thing. 1207 words, girlfriend!!

Now, uh...well, ya see, it's like this...I'm going to Wales Thursday - and won't be writing again until I do some in-flight editing, coming and going, on two other articles.

And hey Janey- congrats on the chapter!

sylvia said...

*glares at Robin for making her look bad*

OK, I did another chapter yesterday because quite honestly, the teeth on that koala freaked the hell out of me.

I was going to do a bit more today but I became entranced with the thought of a Finchley girl landing in Manhattan suddenly.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Not a lot of new words to report this weekend, but I did rework 5 chapters and lost 2 and about 1000 words in the process. My chapters average about 700 words, so I think I'm safe from falling farther down that scale.

Chris Eldin said...


I just finished editing my first novel, THE MAGIC GAMEBOARD, and sent it to 3 beta readers. I struggled because there is a secondary theme which is dark, and I almost backed off because my platform is humor, but it felt good when I read it in its entirety. I'll let the readers tell me what they think, and if I should scrap that theme and go back to something humorous (keeping the characters and basic plot).

Book two, the one you read (minus Chipping) is being queried.

That's about all! I'm a bit into book 3, but at this point I feel I have two complete books, and not enough trunk space.

Going to read through all the comments now. But you can be one scary koala!!!

Robin S. said...


McK - your scare tactics work.

McKoala said...

Muuuuch better. Keep up the good work and you get to keep your blood in your veins for a little longer.

blogless troll said...

Just changed all the 4s to 5s, I mean updated my wordcount tracking device.