Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ah, your little cruelnesses

Whirl advocated silence, WW advocated not eating chocolate, but as we know these things are impossible and thus deeply unfair. However, JJdB said: "Her Koalaness shall write a coherent 500 word essay on any subject provided she does not use the letter 'i'. Also, she shall hunt up three internet links that include music and someone wearing the colour orange.

His Trollishness shall write a coherent 1000 word essay on any subject provided he does not use the words 'the' or 'a' ('an' is allowed.) Also, he shall hunt up three internet links that involve cats running in to things."

Trollish wit led to a slight modification of his punishment. Goblins are suckers for blandishments, unlike Koalas. I didn't see any modification of my punishment. Rank favouritism. However, coming up soon, 500 words without an 'i'. As for music and oranges, do they really go together?

Thanks for reporting in, updating stats. Janey's off Smackdown! Yay!

And I came second in WW's contest, but I think most of you know that. Thanks to all who voted for me!


jjdebenedictis said...

Congratulations all the same! The Camera was on my short list--great little story!

Robin S. said...

Congrats on The Camera!

Can't wait to see what you and BT come up with. This oughtta be goooood.

JaneyV said...

I must go check it out. Congrats on your second place. So if I'm off Smackdown does that mean I'm on Extreme? I've written another 600 since yesterday and I'm not finished. with today's writing yet.

I'm being a right toady aren't I?

writtenwyrdd said...

Well, just because you weaseled out of the chocolate avoidance, I'm not going to send you any. But the plushy is on his evil little mini-Chthulu way.

blogless troll said...

Part 1:

An coherent 1000 word essay on any subject.

Part 2:




Apparently, cats are easily deceived.

jjdebenedictis said...

Our Beloved Trollishness: Yay, traumatized cats! And gee, 1000 words just ain't what it used to be back when I was a kid. I blame lack of fibre.

Our Beloved Koalaness:
Ahem. That's 5000 words that got typed last week. Goblin can go up a badge, pretty please?