Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Challenge hint

How many of you are near submission with novels? Or at least semi-regularly submitting stories to publications/blogs/etc.?

I'm thinking 2010 - Year of the Submission. Writing too, of course - but the year to get some of it out there.


Robin S. said...

I'm very near submitting my novel. I'm looking at early May. My manuscript was WAY over a first novel limit - 132,000 some-odd words, and that was cut down by several thousand. That's why I'm going through scene by scene and squeezing extraneous stuff out while trying hard to keep my voice intact. My goal is to finish the wringing out by the end of March (so far I'm on track for this), sit on it for a month (I learned this is absolutely necessary for me) - then take a week off of work, reread the entire thing of a piece (the goal is to get it down to just under 100K), and make sure that I haven't beaten the reader over the head with the obvious here and there, etc.

Meanwhile, I've had 2 stories that are excerpts published, and another one coming out in the next few months, and another one being looked over at a lit mag now - a rewrite they agreed to look at.

Bottom line - I'm righ there with you. Your title and theme is perfect - 2010 - The Year of the Submission. I love it. Let's all goad each other to this worthy goal.

pjd said...

This is one I could get on board with. I am hoping to submit my novel beginning in March, which means I need to get hopping on some additional revision (and agent research).

jjdebenedictis said...

I have something I can probably send my agent (I still need to do one last pass-through), but I need to outline the next book before she can do anything with it.

And that's proving to be a crabbiness-inducing exercise.

However, I shall persevere. I have Koala claws to avoid, after all.

Sarah Laurenson said...

I do want to submit this new one this year. The word count is bothering me a bit as I think it will be short, but that's the way it goes when more than half the novel is poetry. My mentor is super excited about it and so am I. Doesn't mean it will be easy to find a home for it.

sylvia said...

I'm sporadic but I'd say I submit at least two things a month, sometimes more.

I use a point system for responses (1 point for rejection, 5 for a personal rejection, 10 for an acceptance) and I get something special at 100 points, which helps me to send something back out when it comes back with a form letter. Previously, I'd spend a few weeks sulking before trying again.

Anyway, I'd join in.

Robin S. said...

I like your point system idea, Sylvia. Right now on stories sent out, I just keep a written list of what went where - and sometimes it takes them 2 days to get back in touch, and sometimes 3 months. Then I forget about the ones still outstanding because it's been so long. Points might help - I'd pay more attention.

Sarah Laurenson said...

I like your point system, Sylvia.

I'm trying to finish revising Garlic this weekend so I can get it out there this year. Then I'll finish up that YA and have that one going out, too.

Phoenix said...

Oh, oh, can I play this year??? I'm already going to miss my original Feb 1 deadline for getting my WIP on submission but that's because I have to unexpectedly travel for work this coming week. (See, already with the excuses!)

A public announcement of my plans is just the ticket to shame me into meeting them.

McKoala said...

There are many good ideas in this thread, most of which will find their way into the 2010 challenge.

Submissions will include short stories and poetry. There will be a points system. The magnificent pictures of me will feature once again.

It's all coming your way very soon...along with a list of un, sorry, willing participants. Including all of youse. And a few surprises (to them probably)l

Robin S. said...

Yay! Phoenix is here, and playing!!

pacatrue said...

I promise to submit my dissertation.

Robin S. said...


Looking forward to you finishing that puppy so you can get on the novel in your head!

Whirlochre said...

For some reason, I thought I'd commented on this.

But yes — YOS sounds good.

I'm hoping to start at the end of Jan, start of Feb.