Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Even teddy bears will hate you

That title will mean something to some of you! Just taking a moment to say a fond farewell to the quiz that I've been doing almost every day for the past two? three? years.

A thank you to Paca, who organised the quiz and kept on organising the quiz, despite only winning, um, was it once? in all that time. A thank you to Blogless and Sarah for being so smart and winning so often. And an even bigger thank you to all those who let me win sometimes!

Memories... The literature section, with every ten questions including at least one about Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, which none of us had ever read. The questions that all of us disagreed with (ever heard of a 'shot' of coffee, anyone, because I have!). The dodgy Scottish ones. The dodgy Aussie ones.

Ah, good times.


Precie said...

Aw, it's the end of an era.

I miss the ETBWHY challenge...what the heck was the original title?

Whirlochre said...


I'm so stupid, I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about?

Are you a nurse?

jjdebenedictis said...

You, and me, Whirl. You and me.

Or to put it another way, "Whut?"

Sarah Laurenson said...

Good times, my dear. Good times.

McKoala said...

Precie, wasn't it the Prove You're not Stupid challenge? At which point, most of us proved that we were.

Ah, Whirl, bless. You even did it a few times. No memory, hm? Perhaps better that way.(JJ you have an excuse, I don't think you actually ever did the quiz - Whirl did!)

Oh, yes, Sarah, the fun we had...

blogless troll said...

According to my bookmark it was The Prove You Ain't Stupid Challenge.

My only regret is I never spent any of the points I accumulated. And I really wanted that Personal Aircraft Carrier GIF.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Can we combine points and get you that lovely carrier, BT?

pacatrue said...

The points are still sitting there, BT. Go for it!

Thanks for the thanks, McK. What do you mean I only won once? I won a full 3 times. (You went on vacation; I drugged BT, and periodically shocked Sarah while she was doing the speed ones.) For the record, we started that in January, 2008. 31 months later, I had 3 wins for the month. Let's see here:

McK had 10
BT had 7
Sarah had 6
Precie: 1.

The link:

If we played that game 20 days a month or so for 31 months, that's 620 days of trivia. 10 questions each for 6200 questions. 5128 of which are about The Dark Tower.

The full current name of the challenge is: "If you don't win, even Teddy Bears will hate you Challenge."

Do I get any Koala points for 620 full days of trivia?

The most remarkable thing is that it means we've all known each other for quite a long time now. Whoever thought....

pacatrue said...

Whirl did play, but, in his defense, it appears the last time was December 2008.

McKoala said...

Wow, now I'm glad we stopped playing - if Sarah had continued with her winning streak of recent months I would have lost my spot on top of the tree, not that I ever knew I was there, but still...

School trivia night last night - not one question about the Dark Tower. Quite disappointing really.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hah! Like I'd ever catch the wily Koala.

I think I only got that many because BT dropped out and you forgot to play sometimes. :-)

Robin B. said...

Those were some good good times!!

Chris Eldin said...

You guys aren't doing trivia anymore?
Awwww.... it *is* the end of an era.

Paca always has the bestest ideas.

What happened, btw? Why is there no more trivia?