Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabulous February!

Didya get some Valentine lovin'? Or was it just you and the keyboard, spending another night alone together...

The Koala wants to know your deepest darkest secrets, aka how much you 'really wrote'. Call yourself a writer or call yourself a slacker? The Koala is waiting...

Report your writing activities and points in the comment trail!

Check up on the rules here.


McKoala said...

6000 new words - two points
25,000 words edited - five points

Seven for me!

Phoenix said...

Yay, Koala!

Hmm. I think most of my accomplishments this month are in that gray zone.

A flash sub for a blog contest (I won! Swag! Thanks Writtenwyrdd!) is my only sure point.

Initial outline completed for a new novel - didn't outlining count last year? *whine*

60,000+ words edited, but they're not my words.

370,000 additional words commented on.

Next month: Real writing! And promotion! And more editing of other people's words that I'm astutely putting off till March 1 just in case they count for something!

Lauren K said...

query: 1pt
synopsis: 1pt
wrote 3,000 words: 0pts
edited 10,000 words: 2pts
1 submission: 1pt

5pts for me this month

fairyhedgehog said...

Nul points

I'm glad I'm not playing otherwise I'd be torn to shreds by those fierce Koala claws.

Jenna Jones said...

33,000 words edited - 6 points
7000 words written - 2 points

Eight points for me! (Feel free to correct my math ;).)

Sylvia said...

5 stories submitted: 5 points
New words: 0 points
22,397 words edited: 4.6794 points

Total: 9.6794 points.

Yes, the fractional value of that point matters.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Edited 9466 words: 2 points

Spent 6 hours in the emergency room and two weeks of 'wait and see' for appendix false alarm: 0 points

Wrote, rewrote, rewrote and rewrote some more: resume and cover leter (seems my current day job is ending): 0 points

So it looks like 2 whole points on the real writing front. On a high note, we might wind up moving close to a couple of other Koala vic, um, volunteers. We could then get together and commiserate in person.

Robin B. said...

Uhhh...ummmmm. I'd better call February my off month, because boy, was I off. Spent a grand total of 4 or maybe 5 hours transcriing and finding and organizing notes/lines/paragraphs. And jotting down stuff in my notebook in the car on occasion. Lots of thinking about plot on the drive to and from work, bu not pointable points...

Merry Monteleone said...

Well, I'm not totally the queen of suckage...

1 article submitted - 1 pt.
1 short story submitted - 1 pt.
5,000 words new fiction - 1 pt. (too bad there's no roll over)
A lot of words edited but I didn't count... I'm giving it 1 point, but it was probably good for 2.

4 points for me.

McKoala said...

Phoenix, your fairy koala is here! Given that you are editing words for publication I'm actually going to give you those, even though they aren't originally your words. The experience and learning you will gain through editing and publishing this collection will be incredible. Remember this year is all about the Business of Writing - and this totally fits.

The rest of you...hmmm...variable! Nice work Sylvia and Jenna, the survive...

Angie said...

Submissions -- 2pts
Writing 14,176 words -- 6 pts
Editing 9196 words -- 2 pts
TOTAL = 10 pts

I've been focusing on writing and definitely did better this month. I should be able to get nine points on writing alone every month, with editing and submissions and such just gravy; that's my next goal. [crossed fingers]

Angie, uncrossing her fingers to get back to typing :)

Phoenix said...

Hooray and thank you, O Fairy Koala.

New FAIRY KOALA badge in my sidebar at

(With apologies to Goblin!)

Sylvia said...

Oh my goodness it is *wonderful*! I want a Fairy Koala too!

Mooooooom! It's not fair! How come I can't have one?

Whirlochre said...

2 short subs — 2
new words — 1
edited words — 4
queries out — 1
weird hats worn — 1
baby giraffes save from certain death — 1
excessive donning of lycra — 1
praising the name of the Koala — 1

Sadly, only the top 4 count at this stage so I'll claim 8 points.

PD Singer said...

1 synopsis
1 submission of novel
1 story sub
1 4300 words written
2 guest blog posts
3 17,500 words edited

I didn't see anything in the point list for outlining -- that would have been good for another couple.

Stevie Carroll said...

This month has been mostly about recovering from the Great Netbook Crash. So all I managed was 10,000 words written for 4 points (which completed my 'zero draft'), and 1 guest post on someone else's LJ for 1 point.

Giving a total of 5 points.

Hopefully I'll do better this month now I'm editing and polishing to get a proper first draft completed.

iasa said...

well once again i'm hanging out with the underachieving slackers at the back of the room.

1 sub and 4001 words written for 2 points

Aniket said...

Here we go again...

1 submission - 1 point
4300 words - 1 point
(I used a few hours of 1st March to do that, hey I forgot Feb had only 28 days, so cut me some slack, okay) Plus, I'm sure it still was February in some parts of the world, like the US. So if anyone has any problems with me grabbing that 1 point take it up with my lawyer - Mr. Spaceman Spiff.)

Oh, and I'm having a contest to help Cindy Pon promote her new book at 2 copies are up for grabs. Do come. You may never know, Koala might agree to give away one point. ;)

Aniket said...

Psst... Iasa. Over-achieving is so un-cool, right? The view looks better from the back. Got some snacks on you?

McKoala said...

Fairy Koala ... bwahahahahaha... ahem... always remember, The Koala Challenge is a serious business...

Angie and Pam, great work. Whirl, I don't need to tell you that most of those don't count, although I am sometimes tempted to give points for grovelling and worship.

Aniket, when's the closing date? It would make a good point earner for March.

Aniket said...

Contest deadline: 15th of March. Cindy would be picking the winners.

iasa said...

Aniket - oh yeah, i've got us plenty of snacks

Sempra said...

9500 words edited = 2 points
3000 words written = 1 point
Taken part in Flashfic Challenge = 1 point

Not sure about this:

Non fiction article submitted to a work related print magazine
(possibly a point for submission?)

And I gave a talk about how to run a writing group to a creative writing class (possible bonus point for spreading the joy of writing?)

Peter Dudley said...

I've forgotten the algorithms, so I'm taking my best guess:
10,000 words written (4 points?) redesigned (1 point?)

And do I get any points for volunteering at the San Francisco Writers Conference for two days, and for meeting (but not pitching) two agents and an editor that are perfect for my WIP (when it's ready)?

I'll take 5 points, but in a truly just world I think the SFWC effort should vault me right up to "approves." Just sayin'.

McKoala said...

Sempra, I'll give you five altogether. (And congrats on managing to post!)

Mr Pete, you and your just sayin'. You added up the five correctly and I'll give you one for the conference - six.

Mar Durango said...

Ugh, I'm a slacker. I'm calling February my "month off."

McKoala said...

That's you for the year then, sharpen those pencils!