Saturday, April 30, 2011

April was...#koalafail

OK, OK, so April was quiet. And, um, yes those are the February statistics still up in the margin. Never quite got around to March. That's because I was on holiday, boys n' girls!

The month passed in a frolicsome gambol of friend and family hospitality. Got back a few days ago to a mountain o' washing, work and duties. And then I looked and 'twas the the day before April. And I have written...well it didn't add up to 4000 so I'll, um, be claiming April as my month off...

Who did better than me in April?

Check up on the rules here.


Phoenix Sullivan said...

April was a month of online partying and critting. And while there was writing performed, it was a bit here, a bit there -- and didn't add up in any kind of wholesome, claw-defying way. There was also much watching of Amazon stats. I'm thinking those numbers are supposed to change some time, right?

So I claim detente from Koala claws this month. But watch out May! NaNoWriMo has got nothing on whe wordflow planned for then.

fairyhedgehog said...

It sounds like you were having fun and that's the main thing!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Not entirely sure, unfortunately. There were 2 large spates of editing going on. The first was about 9K words. The second? So I'll claim 3 or 4 points.

Hope you had a grand time!

jjdebenedictis said...

2 points for writing, 1 for scheming/editing = 3 points for April

**blows a raspberry at The Koala**

**runs away very fast**

stacy said...

I turned in five articles and wrote 6,000 words. Seven points.

Angie said...

Phoenix -- my observation is that Amazon stats do change; they tend to get larger and larger. [wry smile]

Submissions 6 = 6 pts
Writing 8096 = 3 pts
TOTAL = 9 pts

Massive suck in the writing, balanced by a nice number of submissions. In fact, I don't think I've ever done more submissions in any one month before, ever. So that's something. :/

The story I submitted to Sword and Sorceress is being held, so two of my fingers are occupied in a perpetually crossed state until after the mid-May deadline. :) Hopefully good news next month.


McKoala said...

Duh, could have followed Angie's plan and saved my furry butt by submitting! Was too engrossed in holiday to even think about that. Yes, FH, it was fun! And good luck with the story, Angie.

Stacy, not bad at all. Sarah, ever diligent.

Phoenix, do we call it PheeMayWriMo?

Goblin, I do sometimes shred the butts of cheeky people simply because they are there...

Stevie Carroll said...

April was a pretty good month, helped by the extension of the deadline for one anthology so I got to submit a second piece to it.


Words Written: 1,694 + 1,156 + 9,926 = 12,776 (five points)

Words Edited: 27,700 + 829 = 28,529 (five points)

Fiction Submitted: two pieces (two points)

Total = twelve points

Jenna Jones said...

April was a horrible month healthwise, but at least it gave me writing time.

Words written: 16,257, so I'll claim 7 points.

Sylvia said...

10k editing: 2 points

I submitted Darren is Updating his Facebook Status to 8 foreign markets as a reprint.

That's worth 8 points.

I don't think I'll get away with it twice but that brings me to a completely respectable 10 points for the month.


Whirlochre said...

Failure reaches its zenith.

Plummeting alongside the Koala comes Whirl.

Weirder Eddies than a talking horse entombed within the collective Motorhead Fanbase unconscious.

So —

edits and writes count for about 1
novel subs YIELD 1

which is 2

so I'm wondering, if she's been useless, does that mean I can somehow get away with it?

Ok, so I wrote during the Royal Wedding.

2 bonus points?

oh, face it, Whirl — this is the "gerbil surrounded by raptors" moment...

PD Singer said...

16,479 words written - 7
16,479 words edited -- 3
1 submission (and a sale!) 1

On the marketing front, I participated in 4 days of those HELLISH Yahoo chats, and if I can't have a point, I want an oversized snifter of brandy.

Sempra said...

3 points this month
(2 for editing, 1 for writing)

McKoala said...

Good month. Even for Whirl.

Julia B said...


I'm new to this game, so let me know if my maths is wrong!

Word Count - 6,239 = 2 points
2 x submissions to magazines = 2 points

So 4 points, but I'm going to do better in May!

Angie said...

Julia -- looks right to me. :) Hi and welcome!


Peter Dudley said...

After two months of teetering on the edge, I am claiming April as my free pass. I don't get any points for having a dozen people read my WIP and provide feedback, do I? I haven't yet done anything with that feedback, but I will in May.

iasa said...

Only one submission = 1 lonely point for me. Although I spent two weeks in a cave so I am claiming victory!

Robin B. said...

My April was not what I thought it was gonna be, but instead it ended up meh...

Beta read a novel for a friend = 1 point

Edited roughly 10K = 2 points

Wrote approx 2 K of new = 0 points

Yowza....3 points only.

Mar Durango said...

2 points total for April - wrote / editing 4000 words and wrote my synopsis.

fairyhedgehog said...

@iasa: what were you doing in a cave?

McKoala said...

Julia, you're right, and welcome! (The niceness only applies in your first month...)

Peter, nope, no points for that. Break time. Mar and Robin, you only just survive...

As for Iasa...a cave?! What, no pen and paper?

iasa said...

fairyhedgehog - in real life, i'm an archaeologist, we were doing a little preliminary mapping. Quite a few looters have been through the cave already. Hopefully we will go back this summer and do some more work there.

McKoala - extra pen and paper?!! the additional ounce might weigh me down!

Aniket said...

Submitted tw-ack-uck... sorry sorry... one. One article. It was almost two though..ack-ack. Sorry. (Dayum those Koala truth-detecting claws) So one sorry point.

Wrote 4000+ words. Deleted 4000+ words (do they count as editing?) Re-wrote 4000+ words. So it leaves me with one well earned point.

So total is 2 points. Ladies and gents, that's 2 whole points more than a certain Koala out there! *tsk tsk*

I want to join in on Phee-mo-wri-mo too! 5 days ara already gone though. Dayum. Write o' write!

Robin B. said...

I'm so confused! I keep wanting to click on 'like' for Phoenix's comment, top of the line.

Go, May!!

pacatrue said...

*peeks in; is happy to see the Koala Challenge continues; happy to see I'm not in it and not being shredded*


*hops away, like only a hopping paca can*

McKoala said...

Hop faster, matey...