Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nano or Nono?

How did you go in November?

The Koala managed a number with a 5 and lots of zeroes. Sadly it was 5000, not 50,000, but at least I'm safe from myself and I look forward to all you smug Nano folk blowing me out of the water. 

Report in - full details here.


Whirlochre said...

No nano for me, so I missed out on some easy points there.


3 points editing
3 points writing
2 points more editing

Am also now singing Hey McKoala to the tune of Wizzard's Mr Christmas so can i have a point for that too?

Angie said...

Can I be smug? :D

Writing: 60,826 = 29 pts.
Submissions: 1 = 1 pt.
TOTAL = 30 pts WOOT!

This is my first NaNo win since 2006. I wish I could do this every month, seriously. I wrote just over 50K on my NaNo project, which was the third book in my Sentinel series, while working on the (almost done) second book around the edges and adding about 10K words to that.

I'm hoping to finish Book 2 this month and submit it, then finish up book three within the first couple/few months of '12 [crosses fingers] and have two novels out next year. That'd be awesome. [crosses toes]


fairyhedgehog said...

Not smug (and not even in the challenge!) but I did finish Nano.

The question for me is whether I will edit it to bring it up to the high standard of "crappy first draft", because as it stands it's below even that level.

iasa said...

writing 26.593 = 12 points
editing 18.746 = 3 points

for a total of 15 points.

That is not nearly as awesome as Angie (yeah Angie, well done!) but for me, that's like climbing the north face of the Eiger during a blizzard wearing only tap shoes and a raincoat.

jjdebenedictis said...

Oh! Oh! The Nano-ers and non-Nano-ers alike are pummeling my green butt!

I have 11,700 words written for 4 points, and only 300 words shy of 5 points, but I also did a bunch of scheming/brainstorming. Can I bump myself up to a lovely round 5 points? Pleeeeease?

Jenna Jones said...

35,000 words written.

16 points, please?

Sempra said...

I forgot to report last month?
Whooops... must have been too busy with NaNo

53 000 and some words that's... a lot of points ... *does math*... 24 points

McKoala said...

*jawdrop* Angie! I'd have been blown away by Sempra's score, but you got there first. I think that's a record! I think one of the Christmas awards is going to have your name on it. I think all those toenails have gone to your head. Remember The Koala Is Not Your Friend, She is Your Own Personal Goad. Hehehehe.

FH, see, you would have fitted in just fine round here. Jenna, more of that steady goodness. Iasa, that is huge for you - and for most of us - good work!

Angie said...

Thanks all! :D

Angie, still doing Snoopy dance

Stevie Carroll said...

25,632 words written (hurrah for PicoWriMo on LJ) = 11 points

One novel beta'd = 1 point

Giving a total for the month of 12 points.

PD Singer said...

No NaNo, sigh and wibble.

8400 words written 3

1 novel betad 1

(puts out little sneaky claws to steal a couple of Angie's points, or maybe get a dose of what she's been drinking, because I need some of that! Good job, Angie!)

Total 4, leaving me safe for the moment.

This last wasn't exactly a query, more of a followup to an old query, but the results are such that I'd better please the Koala several times over for the foreseeable future. More news once there are contracts.

Angie said...

[stuffs a couple of points into an egg salad sandwich and surreptitiously passes it across the table to Pam]

McKoala said...

*intercepts egg salad and points sandwich and claws it to shreds*

stacy said...

I wrote just a little over 22000 words. 10 points.

Mar Durango said...

Wrote just over 50K and edited 4K so 24 points. Yay for nanowrimo!

McKoala said...

Impressive, no need for points sandwiches for you two!

Sylvia said...

I did final edits to 12k. I've done lots of non-fiction stuff but nothing on fiction. I did two fiction submissions according to my notes. I don't understand where the month went. After I finish posting this I'm going to check behind the sofa.

McKoala said...

Have a look for my December while you're down there, please, I already seem to have mislaid most of it. Thanks.

fairyhedgehog said...

December is sneaky like that.

Robin Billings said...

Had a crap November. All I actually accomplished was rereading sections of my second novel and smoothing. Edited approx 6k.