Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Can't edit side bars at the moment

The little gadget that gives me access has disappeared and I can't see an alternative way to get to them. If I'm missing something obvious, let me know, otherwise I'll wait for Mr Gadget button to reappear then update the Koala stats.

Yes, I'm logged in...


Angie said...

Sometimes even when I'm logged in, I have to log in. Or log out and then log in. :/

Angie, thwapping Blogger

Aniket Thakkar said...

I know that the dynamic views that blogger has introduced does not support plugins yet. But you don't seem to have tinkered with your template. Strange.

I'll dig in the forums to check if others are facing the similar issue.

PD Singer said...

I use the history on my browser to get in. Firefox remembers these things, so typing in "dash" gets me there.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Oh, you meant that tiny symbol to edit post/widget? Go to blogger.com and sign in. Then go to your blog, you'll see the edit tool again.

PD Singer said...

I found something relevant to the problem in the Dlogger boards: seems there is a country redirect on Blogger's end, causing things to break, especially for Australia and a few other countries. They are working on it (slowly). In the meantime, try this: open your blog and edit its address in your browser address bar. Delete the country-specific suffix after the word blogspot and in its place add .com/ncr and hit your return key. This takes your blog address back to blogspot.com and all the Quick Edit tools will come back.

PD Singer said...

Oh, and this fix is temporary, you'll have to do it again and again, possibly each time you sign back into the blog.

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