Friday, May 02, 2008

Slice of life

If you would like to read Robin's story, scroll down a bit, and it's waiting for you.

Meanwhile up in the eucalypt... Not much writing going on, but heaps of critiquing. Three people sent me stuff on the same day, two of which were full novels! Now I love you all, but...hey, I love you all, and I'll do it! Then, once you've all drained me dry, sorry, once I've finished, I'm going to revisit the Woman in the Wall and do a bit of a rewrite. Then, I think I'll send the story out to a mag somewhere (brilliant suggestions for mags gladly accepted). Once she's on her merry way, I'll revisit again and see if I have actually written part, or even an elaborate synopsis for most, of a novel. I'm still having ideas surrounding the characters (that idea salmon has quite taken to it), which is a good sign, so I'm wondering if the process has kicked off more than a short story.

I smell of wet dog, because we bathed Polly today. Not a favourite activity for anybody. However, before that we made her a little obstacle course and had her bounding over jumps and going through tunnels, and she loved it! The treats at the end helped. Soccer Boy loved it more. Those are the moments of dog-owning that he likes.

Soccer Boy scored a brilliant goal this morning. His team of little mates are kicking the pants off all opposition. We had our narrowest match today - six nil. Last time was thirteen nil. The word 'misgraded' echoes around the oval.

Princess has a birthday party this afternoon so all is right with her world.


ChrisEldin said...

*finishes typing up letter requesting status report of pages sent*

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah. Wet dog. We're dogsitting, and the kids bathe the dog. But somehow the dog still stinks, and so do the kids. :-)

Kudos to soccer boy!!

ChrisEldin said...

Please don't ban me from your blog! I still want to read Robin's story....

Robin S. said...

Go, soccer boy!!! I'm gonna make that cutie a poser that says - "No more cricket. I'm a soccer man, mom."

And princess, hope she has a blast.
My baby, Blondster, was sizteen May 1st- all I can say is, enjoy princess now. Good Lord.

And I definitely think you should send your story out there.

ChrisEldin said...

Hi Robin,
If you check back here, just finished reading your story! Really good. I commented on each section.

McKoala said...

LOL, Chris it will happen, I promise. I'm going to try and do it this week, please don't shoot me if I fail, but I'm trying! I need time and the universe to expand slightly at the moment.

ChrisEldin said...

Mckoala, I was JOKING!!!!

Please don't let it interfere with your writing and your life.
If you don't have time, that's okay! I know it's time-consuming to go through writings.


McKoala said...

Only a camel can help me now.

Josephine Damian said...

Hey, that's my camel! lol

Like you, I'd just sat down to write a story when I got the request from a certain mutual friend of ours to be a beta.

As the bible says: you cast your bread upon the waters.
Let's hope our friend's dreams are fulfilled.