Monday, June 30, 2008

Work is manic!

Completely manic. And busy too. So I know it's boring, but not much to say, other than, I'm working. I promise to come back as soon as I can with fun and frolics.

In the meantime, Polly (dog) was bitten on the nose while at soccer on Saturday. She's fine now, barring two healing pink spots, but two questions:

Will the black dog-nosey bit ever grow back over the new pink skin?
What should the owner of the other dog have done?

Actually, these answers could make this post quite interesting. I withdraw my boringness for today.


Whirlochre said...

Great! I love a philosophical conundrum first thing in the morning.

I'm no pooch expert but I think Polly's nose should heal — and if you dip her in a tank of the right nutrients, you might even get a whole new cloned dog.

As for the owner of the other dog, I'm guessing he/she should have ducked.

laughingwolf said...


the wounds may or may not turn black after they heal, likely not, but will dull over time :(

as for the mutt owner, tell it to check the thing for rabies and/or distemper grrrrrrrrrr

JaneyV said...

Aha! This very thing happened to my pooch last summer on a beach in Wales. The tiny little vicious thing that bit my gorgeous friendly doggie was very badly socialised and was obviously terrified of other dogs. The owner didn't do a thing and didn't even try to restrain the dog. I blame the crappy owner.

Anyhoo - The Pooch's nose got pink spots and they spread a bit. The vet said that it might not get it black colouring back but it did. Slowly over a few weeks it turned black again.

So the answer is - the pink spots might go away or they might not!!

Robin S. said...

Oh. Poor Polly!

Maybe you should bite the owner to get him or her back. Just kidding - (but only barely).

I mean, what's that about - letting your animal sic another?

Anyway, McK, you just keep on working. I'm heading there a lot more myself - so I get it, girl

ChrisEldin said...

I followed BT in terms of blogging. I've felt manic for a long time. Went to the doctor today and found out I have high blood pressure!? I NEVER have had high blood pressure, and as much as I joke about being overweight, I'm not that overweight.
Life is being simplified....

McKoala said...

Why WO, I am a gentle, non-violent kind of a pict. Another Polly sounds lovely. With whole nose?

LW, they are healing and I think they may be going back to black - just like Janey's dog. Thank you, Janey - it was a very similar situation, a small dog playing vicious. It definitely needs some more training. We see it almost every week, too. Grrr.

Robin, I think its teeth were sharper than mine!

Chris, not good. Chill baby. *passes glass of wine over ether* Another?

writtenwyrdd said...

I know there are a lot of places where the dog is ordered put down if it bites anyone--dog or human. I think that's extreme in many cases.

I am glad your doggie is okay!

I know I wouldn't try to haul the dogs apart by reaching in to grab either of them. They often turn and bite thinking they are being attacked. You could get a faceful of fangs. This is the former military dog handler speaking: Faces of people who get bitten are not pretty.