Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Headache, neckache, chaosache!

If I said to you, tidy your room and hang everything up, you would understand what I meant, right?

Princess tidied her room and hung everything up. Hung. Everything. Up.

Poor teddy.


Shanta Everington said...

Love it! Smallboy's idea of tidying up is to make more mess than he started with. But you have to let them try right?

Haven't been in touch for ages - how's it all going with the seal book and the US agent? I guess I should read through the posts... x

Chris Eldin said...


Sarah Laurenson said...

Gotta love the literal translation.

Robin S. said...

Oh- poor teddy!

How do the kids like the new eucalypt (and by the way, I have a helluva time typing that "e" word - my brain just can't wrap around it, somehow)...