Saturday, October 24, 2009

In an editing sweet spot

Man, it feels good. Got a fire lit under me today by an agent who is no longer an agent, suggesting I send something to a contact of hers who is actively looking - they've talked about me, and she's waiting to see WiW.

Um, thanks to home move, new job and, um, months of procrastination, WiW is not yet ready - or not as ready as I want it to be. So this weekend I have a few goals - complete the edit of the last section of WiW, write a leaflet for a client, get started on a web site for another client, vacuum my Floors of Grossness, get Soccer Boy to a soccer trial for the district team tomorrow (he already got through the preliminary trial and is all fired up), fulfil a promise to play with Princess and her new, late birthday present from her cousins, comfort the dog, who was roughed up by a dalmation last week and is still licking her wounds, cook food for next week when I know work will be full on and I need quick reheats or we won't eat at all, do Princess's school homework, find a friend for Soccer Boy to play with tomorrow afternoon so he doesn't annoy Princess and her already-invited friend, stop all four of them from killing one another, and, um, oh yes, DH left on a work trip today so it's just me... Fun, fun, fun!


sylvia said...

Jesus, I'm exhausted just reading your list.

But WOOHOOO, you gotta find that time to polish WiW !

I just can't wait to say "I knew her when..."

Sarah Laurenson said...

Go you!

I'm feeling much better about my life and what's on my plate right now. Can't imagine why... ;-)

Have written some new stuff this week. It includes some of the poems I've already written. Tough to figure out new word count, but I'll come up with a guess soon.

writtenwyrdd said...

I know the sort of time period you are talking about. I think some people call it home ownership, but it's crazy with all the moving, upkeepy things, kid raising, work and never getting a minute to yourself. So I'm glad you are getting a bit of writing time in.

I have the next two days off and had planned to write, but instead I have deleted all the albums off my computer and have commenced to ripping them onto the drive again at a higher resolution (if that's the right word).

Writing avoidance? What's that?

Robin S. said...

This news of the agent who's been told about you and is now waiting for WiW is killer, killer good!

As for the rest of the list, oh yeah, weekends, huh?! Supposed to be restful. Sure they are.