Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mad March!

Were you mad for it in March? Or were you too busy diligently carving a novel out of the keyboard?

Come and confess! The Koala is waiting...

Report your writing activities and points in the comment trail!

Check up on the rules here.


McKoala said...

Editing: 35,000 words. Writing 5,000.

8 points. Pretty good effort, McK. Why, thanks McK.

Peter Dudley said...

Ruh-roh, Shaggy.

I read my entire 91,000 word WIP for the first time, mapping out the chapters and pacing. But I didn't technically edit or revise it yet. I did break a few chapters at new points and think about my pitch and synopsis, though I did not write them. I began plotting and brainstorming the sequel, probably 5,000 words of fertilizer. And most of that was after a couple of drinks.

Do I get any points, or do I have to use my free pass this month? I put my March fate in your tender, gentle, compassionate, generous, retracted-claws paws, oh Mighty McK.

jjdebenedictis said...

If I can mash out another 400 words, then I'll have 4 points. If not, I have 3.

Um. I was in India?

*nervous look*

McKoala said...

Pete: one point. You did at least get 5000 words on paper.

JJdeben... wasn't that last month...

jjdebenedictis said...

I was...in India...for the first week of March? Still?


stacy said...

I got three articles in and 4K words, so I know I'm off smackdown. But the month isn't over yet.

Phoenix said...

Editing: 21,000 words - 4 points

Guest blogging: 1 point

Novel sub to publisher: 1 point

E-pubbing 2 books (hehe, yes, 2 if the 2nd one goes live in the next 13 hours - a quiet, under-the-radar effort for now): 2 points

Reformatting 2 books a bazillion times for e-pubbing: 1 bazillion points

Reformatting my blog: 0 points

Actual writing: Um, what was that minimum again? Oh. 0 points

Total: 8 points

Stevie Carroll said...

Let's see...

Words Written (New sections in novel + Short Story + Beginning of a Short Story + Flash Fic + Journal Article): 1,537 + 4,825 + 406 + 829 + 948 = 8,545 (3 points)

Words Edited: 41,747 (8 points)

Fiction Submitted: 1 short story (1 point)

Nonfiction Submitted: 1 article (1 point)

Total = 13 points

And I have a new project that will see me writing something new every month from now on as well as editing the two novels I want to finish this year.

Angie said...

Well, I'm probably not going to do any more writing today, so I might as well total it up. :/

Writing: 12,068 words = 5 pts
Submissions: 5 = 5 pts
TOTAL = 10 pts

That's more submissions than I expected to get (I had a spate of rejections, which let me get some stories back out into the mail for more points, and is it twisted that I actually like getting rejections now because it means more Koala points...?) but my writing sucked. I pretty much stopped halfway through the month. :(

I had some medical issues that I thought were more serious than they turned out to be, although they're bad enough. My doctors weren't great at communicating and I spent some time thinking I had a really horrible condition, until the follow-up appointment when they mentioned a couple of other things that I wished I'd known earlier. :/ Anyway, yeah, massive distraction. Will do better in April.

Angie, whose legs are still itching and oozing

Sempra said...

Edited: 15 700 = 3 points
Written: 6 050 = 3 points

Total = 6 points

Sylvia said...

Ech, shattered. I did all my points in the last week. BUT I did it.

Words written: 0
Words edited: 30,664

6 points

Stories submitted:
6 points

Hey, that's 12 points.

No wonder I'm so tired!

Angie said...

Update. :/ I dropped a submission off at the Post Office yesterday (yeah, there are still SF markets that haven't dragged their butts into the 21st century) and got my empty, unsealed SASE back in the mail today. [headdesk] I can only guess that my 9x12 envelope came open (whether unstuck or torn or whatever) and scattered its contents all over the sorting room. They helpfully returned my SASE to me [cough] so I'm assuming the worst. Which, actually, would be the magazine getting an open envelope with half a story and no SASE, but with my name on it. :P

But anyway, I'm resubmitting. The PO is closed, so it'll be tomorrow. So technically this will be an April submission rather than a March submission, which brings me down to 9 points for March, but gives me a leg up for April. [wry smile]

Angie, who has a new writer story to tell folks now :P

Sarah Laurenson said...

Um, yeah, um, let's see, there's, well nothing there, um, how about, nope, nothing there either.

Month off!!!!!!

Jenna Jones said...

Words written: 10,000. 4 points.
Words edited: 7000. 1 point.
Short story published: 1 point.

6 points total.

McKoala said...

Not bad early birds. Angie, ick to the legs, and to the envelope disaster! Next month can only get better!

iasa said...

hands in pocket, whistling a little tune. Nothing to see here, move along. I guess this is my vacation month.

PD Singer said...

Sneaks in...

2 novel subs
2 query letters (on 2 projects)
5 writing, 13k
2 editing that same 13k
11 for sure

I got asked to blurb a book, which I did, which was nearly as nerve-wracking as writing a query and surely deserves a sprig of eucalypt of my own. Or a point. Preferably one that rolls over to April. (waits for it...)

McKoala said...

Iasa! So soon in the year! With Belize still to come...

Pinger...cheeky, cheeky. I'll award the point but...No Rollovers!!!

Robin B. said...

OK, I'm back in the States now, and adding up points:

Beta read a novel for a friend: 1 point

Edited a story and submitted it to one place in March: 1 point

Submitted a guest blog post to an author's site: 1 point

Wrote approx 4800 words new: 1 point

Edited approx 10K: 2 points

Prepping our house for sale screwed up my expected word count happiness, but I still managed a decent 6 points, to avoid the claws-of-Mc-Doom!

iasa said...

I know and I'm leaving next week!

Aniket said...

@JJ & McK: I was in India too! Wait, I am in India.Can I get a free pass for that? :D :D
Too wishful?

Well there was this cricket world cup thingy going on and we were handling some technology part related to it, so were super-busy you know. A guy has to earn a living.

But I organized a contest for promoting Cindy's book and gave away two copies too. That should get me something, right? Right?!

If not, I'll take this month off.

P.S. Would've loved to meet JJ if I knew! :'( I'll definitely make another trip to US though. This time just to meet all the bloggy-friends.

Whirlochre said...

March has been patchy — lots of miscellaneous here-and-therey stuff — but I'm guessing it works out as

2 story subs
12,000 words of edits
1 query-style sub

So that's 5.

Mar Durango said...

Edited 49,000 words - 9 points.

Lauren K said...

Ugh... can I count March as my free month? I blame the dreary weather.

McKoala said...

Month off for Lauren and Aniket!