Saturday, May 14, 2011

April scores up!

Sorry #bloggerfail meant a delay (even more of a delay) in getting them up, but there they are!

My faithful Goblin is already on her way to Written's place, pliers in hand. (Watch out, she's got doggies...). Lauren K and Merry are down on Smackdown, they've got a month to save themselves from Goblinizing.

Still a good four on Approves, that's pretty good as the year moves on. Noticing some clustering down at the lower numbers there, though. Or maybe you're just keeping Aniket company?

Back to the keyboards chummies!


Sarah Laurenson said...

I will bear the wrath of the cute, furry, menacing Koala and the pincing Goblin to say I need to bow out for a few months. I've written some this month - no idea of word count right now. I've edited some - ditto on word count. I plan on writing and editing as I go, but I need to not keep score for a bit.

I also need to do some serious rehab on the house. The to do list has toppled over and I can't ignore it any longer.

jjdebenedictis said...

**empties a baggie of toenails at The Koala's feet**

By your command!

Whirlochre said...

Too many Royal Weddings and sunny days in April to get anything done.

So I'm going with 3 points for edit/write/sub.

Slacker than the scrotum of an ill-advised nu-circus novelty act, I know, but it was my birthday also.

McKoala said...

Excellent work, my goblin. *Turns key on Toenail Treasure Box*

Ah, Sarah. There goes your award this year. Tsk, tsk. As long as your house doesn't topple over.

Did your birthday last all month, Whirl? Hm? Hm?

McKoala said...

Looks like I gave you two points. Leaving you there...

Aniket said...

Hey! You say it like its a bad thing? I make good company!

I have cookies. Anyone? Anyone?

Peter Dudley said...

Hey, you know what?

May is over.

I only bring this up because I rocked May after taking April off and being pathetic in March.

See, in May I
- received a Poppet in the post from Europe
- revised 30,000 words
- wrote a synopsis
- wrote a query
- submitted novel to five agents
- watched "Blazing Saddles" in its entirety

I can't count that high, but I'm guessing I made it back to "Approved" for May. I'm also guessing I don't get any points for that last item.

Julia B said...

Hey, you get points from me! I love Blazing Saddles :-)

My May was abysmal for me. But we got about 100 people signing up for the Romance Writers of Australia 50K in 30 Days! *collapses with welcome email typing exhaustion*