Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Reporting in for May

As Somebody pointed out below, May is now over. Somebody may have to be very careful he doesn't get all his points taken away for excessive smugliness. Remember you're in Koalaland now and there is only one way. The Koala's Way. Yes, it's a dictatorship. So watch it, Mr Somebody...

Speaking of smugliness: 16,000 words written, over 20,000 words edited. The Koala is Smug and Safe on Approved for this month.

How about everybody else? Mega May or Mega Bust? (Julia B, do I have to give you a smackdown so soon, or did you scrape up a few words from somewhere?!)

Report in the comments, full rules are here.


Robin B. said...

Again in May, life slapped me silly with 'events', but even so, I managed this:

1 point = one story submission

1 point = basic writing/editing goal of 4000 words

2 points = edited approx 11K on top of basic
4 points total

Good news is, the story I submitted in March was accepted, and published, so yay!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Wrote 33K original words = a lot of pts
Edited the same 5K words a bazillion times = 1 pt
Beta read-ish a looooonnngg short story = 0 pt
Sent out 1 lonely query = 1 pt

Total = Approved, although I did fall a WeeBit short of my PheeMayWriMo (© McKoala) goal.

@Angie: Am anxious to know about your Sword & Sorceress story that was being held. Many moons ago, I had a story pubbed in one of them and a second story held by MZB (the pubbed one generated royalties for over a decade, so good news there if you get in!). Things aren't the same without Marion at the helm, but I still have a soft spot for the antho...

@Rob: Yay for the pub!!!

Julia B said...

*lol* It's not QUITE as bad as that Phoenix!

But still:

4000 words written - 1 point
2000 extra words written - 1 point

2 points total. I'm assuming I don't get a point for registering 100 people for a writing month? No? Didn't think so :-)

In any event, June should kick butt.

@Robin - Brilliant! Congratulations!

Sylvia said...

Well, I was tempted to call this one a month off but it didn't FEEL like a month off.

Words written: 6,566 words written on Watermelon Tears (a new fantasy story. Don't tell anyone): +1
Words edited: I can't count the novel editing but it was a lot and I moved forward and I rewrote Faith and dammit, it's at least one point: +1
Submissions: Faith is now on submission: +1

Three points.

and Phoenix's stats have me laughing out loud. She gets an extra point for that, right?

PD Singer said...

4 10,500 words written
1 4,000 words edited
1 1 query letter written
1 1 synopsis written
1 1 query made
1 1 novel beta'd

1 unhappy Pam, I was really hoping not to have to earn 3 of those points.

Yay on everyone's good news.

Jenna Jones said...

32,000 words written = 10 pts

Not much else but I think that's enough, don't you?

jjdebenedictis said...

5,000 writing plus 3,000 editing. Can I call that 3 points?

I also crafted a writing aid based on The Koala's own brilliance.

stacy said...

I wrote 6K words.

I suspect I will need the month of June off. Many changes taking place in my life.

fairyhedgehog said...

Yay go Koala!

And congrats to everyone who wrote loads this month.

It's a good job I'm not doing this because I'd have scored "nul points" like the really crappy songs in the Eurovision song contest.

Angie said...

Still not making with the writing, although still subbing a lot, so it balances out. One of these days I'll start selling more, though, and then I'm in trouble! [laugh/flail]

6 Submissions = 6pts
7820 words written = 2pts (Arrgh!)
TOTAL = 8 points

Bother, I missed Approved for the first time this year, and by 180 freaking words! At least the amount I missed another point by was in the triple digits this month. :P

Phoenix -- another nice rejection. [wry smile] She said she's wanted to use it, but it turned out she didn't have room for it, which is essentially what happened last year. I'm glad she liked it, and wish she'd liked it more, heh.

Robin -- congrats! That's great! :D

Jenna -- Psst! That's actually 15 points! Great job! [grin]


Phoenix Sullivan said...

@Angie: Bummer about S&S. And you really are way too conscientious. Maybe you wrote those 180 words and then edited them away? That should count, shouldn't it?

And @Julia's been marketing herself busting behind for the RWA 30 Day. Can't she get a special point for that? Pleeeeeease??? I'll give her my point for making Sylvia laugh.

Robin B. said...

Thanks, you all!!

Angie said...

Phoenix -- oh, I probably did, but I don't know for sure so it'd feel like cheating. And you must've missed a month or two ago when I missed another editing point by like 26 words. [laugh/headdesk] I seem to have a talent for getting almost up to the next point. :P


Mar Durango said...

Three! Three whole points!

Wrote 4100 words = 1
Wrote query = 1
Submitted novel = 1

Must. Be. More. Productive.

Whirlochre said...

This month has all the nothingy something of a 'bummer'...

Short sub - 1
Writes - 1
Edits/outlines - 1
Nov Sub - 5

But as I have meticulously dusted my Shona Shrine and donated £2.73 to Help The Laird, maybe I can get an extra point?

Julia B said...

Aww, Phoenix, you're sweet! ^_^ But never mind - I think I've racked up as many points in the last four days as I did all last month!

McKoala said...

Getting there... Keep those results coming in!

Sempra said...

2 points for editing
1 point for writing

all 3 points done in the last week of the month .... I'm not happy

iasa said...

2 subs - 2 points

edited 4500 words - 1 point

wrote 7 words - 0 points

how is it possible to only write seven words? I am very easily distracted.

total 3 points

McKoala said...

Seven words more than Writtenwyrdd I suspect... I'm sending the Goblin over to her place again this month.

Stevie Carroll said...

Another busy month, and one that was difficult to quantify properly, since lots of my editing was only little tweaks to stories that had been submitted and accepted.

So, just counting the one story that required more post-submission editing, and the one that I edited after my beta had at it, we end up with:

Words Written: 1,085 + 27,192 = 28,277 (13 points)

Words Edited: 2,866 (final total) + 9,948 (final total) = 12,814 (3 points)

Fiction Submitted: Two Stories (2 points)

Total: 18 points

jjdebenedictis said...

B-b-but Writtenwyrdd doesn't have any toenails left. I gots nuffin to work wiff, boss.