Sunday, July 31, 2011

Report in for July

My, my is that the first of August I see looming on the horizon? I am narrowly saved from my own claws - I managed a mere 4000 words, but it keeps me safe, although in moderate disgrace. How about you?

Report in the comments, full rules are here


McKoala said...

One. Ahem.

McKoala said...

Actually, yanno, I edited them too. And submitted 1500 of them as a short story. So I've diddled myself out of two points there.

Actual total: three.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Reporting in my non-report status - still. Sort of working for me right now, but I'm thinking I might start up again in August. Sh. Did I say that out loud?

jjdebenedictis said...

Only 3,400 words of actual writing, but over 80,000 words of editing, so 10 points. WHOOOOO!

Precie said...

28,000 words written
1 submission to Clarity of Night

Can't remember how they count, but that's at least 2, right? :)

That's probably all I'll manage this summer...have to shift to course prep. Does writing outlines and handouts for faculty presentations count for points?

Angie said...

Writing: 7627 words -- 2 pts. [sigh]
Editing: 41,093 words -- 8 pts.
Submissions: 5 pts.
TOTAL: 15 pts.

Still want more writing, although what I did was all in the last two weeks, after I had enough focus to get back to it. If I could do twice that next month, I'd be pretty happy. [crossed fingers]

And I just want to note that it's pretty darned annoying to go over a WIP for like the fourth time and still be finding typos and glitches and WTF bits. [headdesk] I think they spawn on their own when I'm not looking.


Angie said...

Precie -- that's 13 points on the writing alone, plus one more for the submission. Congrats! :D


Jenna Jones said...

25,000 words written: 10 points.
1 submission: 1 point.

Stevie Carroll said...

15,113 words for a complete short story + 5,193 words added (two new scenes) to an existing story = 9 points

There's also 12,930 words of edits I typed up on that second story, but I did the pen-and-paper edits a couple of months ago, and so I'm not sure if they really count towards this month's total.

Still, I wrote enough for the Koala to approve, whether I count my edited words or not. :-)

Sempra said...

1 lousy little point for editing 4770 words *hangs head in shame*

McKoala said...

Ah, narrow survival is still survival.

As for you big pointers...jealous congratulations.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Um, 3 points for writing/editing.
1 point for a guest post.

Total: 4

I did do up an ad for a free promo op in an online mag. And I've been spending time on the Kindleboards playing nice and promoting that way (hence the gaining of only 3 points on the actual creating side).

Come to think of it, my year so far has been more about the business than the writing in the "business of writing." And with the time it took to recently publish out the stories from EXTINCT individually and another venture in the making, it looks like focus will continue to be on the business aspect this year.

Oh, how about book covers? Do we get points for designing (and redesigning thanks to great feedback) our own? Surely that's right up there with writing a synopsis, right? *crossing fingers that the answer will bump me to 5 points*

Precie said...

Ooh, Angie--thanks for calculating for me. I didn't think it could be that many. *sheepish grin*

If only I could spread these summer points writerly carriage and footmen and glass slippers are about to vanish.

And yay for everyone who wrote/edited anythin this month. Something is better than nothing.

Whirlochre said...

A chimpanzee ate my homework.

Actually, a chimpanzee wrote out my homework before it ate it, but in the Cyclopaedia of the Lame, no doubt this info would only make a footnote of a footnote in the bibliography.

As luck would have it, I managed to re-write said simian's notes, and without wishing to give too much away (for fear of stealing McKoala's Ahem thunder) I suppose I'm knocking on the door of two points this month — albeit with Mr Fantastic arms and a one way ticket to here from Venus.


No, I replied — this month it really has been this tragic...

PD Singer said...

I expect to get a pedicure again this month only because I'm pleading for July to be my month off. It's very sad.

However, I did get a contract today for the novel that's kept me in Koala points for a year and a half.

iasa said...

Well I climbed too high last month and got scared. I wrote 7137 words, down to two points for me.

Robin B. said...

July was a zero sum game, and by that I really mean I had NO game, writing-wise, and thus earned a zero.

Good news lurks in August, however, so there's that.

(PS - I like Whirl's excuse better than mine.)

Aniket Thakkar said...

Umm.. erm... we still get a point for the CoN entries, right? Coz that's all I did. You know parents were visiting, so got little free time. Other wise, I would have scored my usual 8 points. ;)

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Dearest, kindest, loveliest Koala: I fear I must bow out of the Koala Challenge (and by 'fear' I'm referring to those nasty Koala claws and Goblin pinchers, and by 'bow out' I mean fly out as fast as possible so those claws don't swipe me down).

See, it's like this. The stuff I'm doing lately has more to do with the biz of writing than the writing itself. As for the writing, well, for instance, I plan to actually write blog posts that I'll collect into ebooks, so I'd need an exception to the rule that our own posts don't count. And then ask for more exceptions for all the other "stuff" that's writing- and promo-related but that isn't really writing. And that's not fair to you or others.

I just posted an overview of the types of writerly activities I'm talking about. Just so you don't think I'm trying to wheedle and excuse my way out of your Challenge -- except where it comes to the actual writing and editing parts, because when it comes to those, I guess that's exactly what I'm doing ;o)

I WILL be checking here monthly, though, to cheer on the progress of fellow Koala-ites! Here's to everyone racking up 100 points before the year's out!

stacy said...

I wrote what turned out to be a 2000 word story and submitted it. I guess that's one point.

Merry Monteleone said...

Put me on smackdown for both July and August... or taking August off... sorry... I'm writing snips and bits, but not keeping track or making much progress.