Monday, August 15, 2011

July results up!

At least, those that I have...last chance for:

Lauren K

Bid farewell to Phoenix, who's more into the business than the writing right now, but knowing her, she'll be back... And hello again to Sarah, who will be returning to us this month, having grown her toenails nice and long in preparation.

In other up to 85 books read for the year, and the top ten is finally full!


Peter Dudley said...

Sorry, been traveling. In fact, including conferences, I've been at home for... Let's see... Three of the 16 days in August so far.

Anyway, July was an OK month. Edited 60,000 words. Not sure how many points that is, but I think it's enough to call off the Koala Claws, yes? Did not submit in July, though. Will before August is out.

Precie said...

PJD forgot to count his CoN entry for July.

Phoenix--best of luck! Don't be a stranger...says the gal who disappears for months.

I'm glad to see so many familiar faces keeping up the good work!

McK...I hope you're doing ok. If there's anything I can do from thousands of miles away, just let me know.

Precie said...

Oh, and, McK, 85 books so far this year? That's impressive. How do you find/manufacture the time for it?

McKoala said...

Peter is safe!

Thanks Precie, I'm just doing my doing and going OK. As for the reading, I read most evenings instead of watching TV. There aren't many shows on that I like at the moment!

Sylvia said...

Oh shit. Ummmm.

Is it too late to declare July my month off?

I *did* do a bunch of editing but it's taken me until now to actually catch up on the rest of the world!

Sylvia said...

(if you are willing to count points in arrears, I edited Chain of Command (4k) and the Geusian Ladies Society (5k) and submitted three stories!)

McKoala said...

Sylvia survives!!!

For now...

Mother (Re)produces. said...

85 books? Please tell me most of them were Mr Putter books. Do you sleep?