Sunday, September 04, 2011

Report in for August

Whoops, was that the first of September whisking past?

McK is embarassed. Not a word in August, not a word. Big Fat Zero. SMAAAAAAAACKDOWN for McK!
Any more smackees to join me? Report in the comments, full rules are here


Angie said...

There you are! I was starting to worry about you. [hugz] (It's someone else's job to smack you. ;D )

Writing: 9204 -- 3 pts.
Editing: 4380 -- 1 pt.
Submissions: 5 -- 5 pts.
TOTAL: 9 pts.

Still not where I want to be on writing, but it's more than July, and July was more than June, so hopefully I can keep up the trend.


Precie said...

McK, I respectfully assert that yours was a turbulent month, deserving of an exception. I vote no McK smack down for August.

I think I earned two points. And I expect September marks the beginning of my writerly hibernation. I'm hoping to keep earning at least a point a month but can't promise anything. Will try to check in regularly though.

And, yay, Angie for consistent progress!

Angie said...

Precie -- thanks hon! {{}}


Sarah Laurenson said...

Um, let's see.

Edited the same 12K words about 5 times and wrote another 2K new ones. No points for the new ones and not sure about the editing. Let's just throw me in mid-stream and say 5 points. It's a good place for starting back.

jjdebenedictis said...


In other news, veeeeeery little writing done, but I edited my whole book, so I'm still on Koala Approves.

stacy said...

I'm taking August as my month off.

Robin B. said...

August was busier for me, though not as much as I'd hoped, to be honest.

I have one agent submission, and I edited several chapters, for 37K's worth of words.

I think that's 7 or 8 points altogether, right?

Whirlochre said...

Difficult to count up this month, but I'd say it was somewhere between doodly squat, zilcho and sweet FA.

Holiday season, I'm afraid.

Better luck in September.

How he cruised
in the slipstream
of a koala's laxness
Now his corpse lies strewn
upon the floor,

Sylvia said...

Words Written: 6,300
(2 points)
Words Edited: 0
Short Story Submissions: 6
Novel submissions: 1

9 points! Although most of those were because I got massively rejected just before the end of the month.

Jenna Jones said...

Words written: 33,000 - 10 pts

Most of that took place in the last ten days of the month. It was rather a surprise.

iasa said...

2 submissions -2 points
6319 words written - 2 points
5777 words edited -1 point

total 5 points

Wow, you guys have a view up here at the five point level and a breeze. I'm sure I'll tumble down to bottom next month.

Angie said...

Jenna -- actually, I think that's 15 points. One point for the first 4K, then one point for each 2K after that. Definitely congrats!


Jenna Jones said...

@Angie, does the challenge go that high? ;) I could share some of the words with people who need them...

Also, I overhauled my website, so I'm claiming a point for that. I went from a Wordpress installation to pure HTML.

Mar Durango said...

Left for vacation before I could report July's 13 points. 13 Points!!

Anyway, August:
Edited 51,000 words (wrote a bunch of new stuff in that story, too, but no actual word count): 10 points

stacy said...

Jenna, it's very sweet of you to offer to share words, but I'm pretty sure anyone who accepts would feel the wrath of McKoala pretty quickly. : )

Angie said...

Jenna -- no, for purposes of getting badges, the highest one is Koala Approves which is awarded for 9 pts. Still, you wrote an awesome number of words and might as well claim the points, right? :D


PD Singer said...

This was a sad month.

Submissions, 2

Edits on 30 k words 6

Beta'd a book 1

edited 120k for the 5th time because they had to be looked at again to send out again because the sale the month before went spung

- a lot

You can pull out my toenails if you need to, it won't make me cry any harder than I already am.

McKoala said...

Angie, good work. McK is safe and well and JJ de Goblin will be carrying out the smacking (but no toenails, don't be greedy little goblin, that's only for Super Smackdown, which McK is hoping to avoid by a return to productivity...)

Precie, LOL thought you were already on your seasonal break - well done.

Sarah, good re-start!

Stacy, happy break!

Robin, I'll double check when the points go up, but sounds good.

Whirl, at last you've mastered the maths...

Good work Sylvia and Jenna. No sharing, though!

*jawdrop* my, my Iasa! Watch out for the birds up there!

PD, dry your eyes with your Approved badge... Upwards and onwards!

Sempra said...

2 for writing
3 for editing
5 total

Looks like I am back in my game

Stevie Carroll said...

Writing: 10,899 words = 3 points

Editing: 42,067 words = 8 points

Giving a grand total of 11 points.

McKoala said...

Goody for Sempra and Stevie!

Aniket Thakkar said...

Jenna: Can I borrow 8? I always wanted it. But I see no other way of getting them. The Koala shall never approve of my insignificant existence. *sniff*

Its smackdown for me in August. Faithful follower of the mighty Koala, me.

Peter Dudley said...

I can't barely remember August. But I know I finished WIP revision, which was probably about 24,000 words, and I submitted to 4 agents. I think. Anyway, several points, unsure how many.

I was going to take September off, but I've already submitted to two agents, so I'll take the points.