Saturday, October 01, 2011

Confessions for September!

Yes, yes I know the August results aren't up yet, details, details! I'm still watching you after all, and isn't that the most important thing? Quake in fear, my darlings and keep writing...

Now, what do you have to tell me about September? Will I be happy or will I be releasing my pet Goblin from her cage?

Report in - full details here.


McKoala said...

Straight to Approves for me - wrote 20,000+ words this month. *strokes own fur smugly*

Angie said...

Me too! :D Must be something in the air!

Writing: 21,266 = 9 pts.
Editing: 6594 = 1 pt.
Subs: 1 = 1 pt.
TOTAL = 11 pts

I have several stories sitting in slush piles with long response times, so subs were way down in September. Luckily I found the ON switch for my writing engine (or more likely, some stranger whacked it with an elbow as they passed by, but whatever, I'm taking advantage of it while it lasts) so I made up for the points and then some with writing, yay! And actually, I've had a sub-goal all year of hitting nine points with writing alone; this is the first month I've managed it, which feels pretty awesome. Now if I can just keep doing it. :)


Whirlochre said...

Writing: 10,000 words = 4 pts
Editing: 15,000 woids = 2 pts
Subs: 1 pt

That's a healthy 7. With no tricks.

Jenna Jones said...

Writing: 30,000 = 9 points
Editing: 15,000 = 2 points

11 points.

This year has been the Year of Prolific and I have no idea why. Not complaining, though.

jjdebenedictis said...

11,000 words = 4 points


Congratulations to all the 10-pointers! September is the month of buckling down, apparently.

PD Singer said...

4 for 10k of writing
1 for 1 novel beta'd
5 total, which is better than saying that September is really the other half of August and my month off.

PD Singer said...
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McKoala said...

Great work Angie - feels good, doesn't it? 20,000 words - a third of a novel! (OK, it would be a small one, but still...)

Whirl, I'm proud. First time in a while you haven't had to resort to trickery.

Jenna - half a novel! And half edited as well. (By the way 30,000 and 15,000 gets you more than nine points if you check the rules, but you're thoroughly approved anyway.)

Goblin, fine work, you're back in the groove. All those toenails agreed with you.

Pam, imagine if you'd kept up that pace over four weeks instead of two...

Robin B. said...

Wow- you guys "done good!"

I had a middlin' September:

A little over 6K of editing as I read over and polished up the beginning of novel #2 = 1 point.

Approx 5K of new writing as I've been able to get going again the week before last (put the pats 6 days I've had company staying here, so no end-of-month momentum) = 2 points.

So, a measly 3 points in total.

Robin B. said...

WOW - the Typo Queen lives on!

"put the pats" in comment above was SUPPOSED to read "but the past..."


stacy said...

I wrote just over 12000 words for this month. Five points.

Mar Durango said...

Eeesh. I'm not sure what went on in September.

wrote 4000 words - 1 pt
beta read a friend's novel - 1 pt

2 Points Total.

McKoala said...

Hey Robin, at least you're back in the saddle!

Good work Stacy. Mar! Well, you're safe.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Erm.. Has anyone survived to tell how mad is the smackdown? No writing done over september for me. Sorry. I could think of some charming excuses but I think I deserve a beating. ;)

Stevie Carroll said...

Not a great month:

Only 3,208 words written, so no points there.

Three stories submitted, however, to give me 3 points.

One novel beta'd for 1 point.

One guest post written for Charlie Cochrane giving me 1 point.

15,899 words of edits = 3 points

Giving a grand total of 8 points.

McKoala said...

Stevie, not bad for a bad month...

Aniket, what can I say. Get the painkillers ready.

Sarah Laurenson said...

I edited the first chapter several times while participating in a 5page month long critique. I edited some more of the book - maybe another 10 chapters. MG, so chapters tend to be short. Will guesstimate about 10K words edited. That's what - 2 points?

McKoala said...

Excellent maths Sarah, but I would expect no less from you...

iasa said...

um, one sub, one point.

it's very cozy down here in this hole

Sempra said...

1 point for writing 4500 words... eeek...

Is it NaNoWriMo yet? I need the pressure

McKoala said...

Iasa! Sempra! Naughty!

Sylvia said...

Uhhh, I think I'm going to have to u se up my month off.