Friday, October 28, 2011

September's up, how was October?

McK screeches through the door of late October, smoke coming from her paws...but she makes it with the September scores!

Good work for most, but Merry, have you got space in your basement for my goblin? It'll save on the monthly plane fares.

McK has been travelling, and writing, hence the delays. Up to 15,000 words so far, and hoping to squeeze in a few more before November tolls. Report in here when you are ready - and look out for a post in a week or so, hopefully featuring the results of my interesting Klout experiment involving Tasmanian Devils...


Peter Dudley said...

Did I never submit my results for September? My records show four query submissions in September, so I'll take the points.

October is worse with only one query submission and one new plot worked out, for a grand total of 2 points.

Frankly, I'm lucky to get those two. I was expecting zero for October.

jjdebenedictis said...

I'll say seven points for October, although I need two hundred more words for that to be official. Should be do-able!

jjdebenedictis said...

Actually, I have another point for sure, and if I can get another 800 words written by Monday (for a total of 20,000 this month), I'll have two more, for a total of 9 points in October. Woot!

McKoala said...

Hm, no apparently not, Peter, and I also didn't spot it, hopefully the goblin missed it too and you are in full possession of all toenails.

Come on Goblin, you can do it!

jjdebenedictis said...

Done! 20,000 words!

*performs obscene and grotesque goblin-dance*

Stevie Carroll said...

This month I managed:

9,659 + 3,700 = 13,359 words written, giving me 5 points.

1 synopsis written = 1 point.

One first chapter submitted to an editor prior to pitching to her at a lit fest = 1 point.

One guest post written giving me 1 point.

3,200 + 6,772 = 9,972 words of edits = 2 points.

Non-fiction me now has 3/4 of a website, which may or may not count as a point (I'm saying not for now, and keeping that point opportunity for when fiction-writing me gets a website as well).

Giving a grand total of 10 points, meaning that the Koala approves of me this month.

jjdebenedictis said...

And back again to say bump me up to 10 points. I hit 22,000 words before the stroke of midnight on Hallowe'en. (What, you thought I'd be out scaring kiddies and stealing candy? I'm not that sort of goblin.)

Angie said...

Words: 27,412 = 12 pts.
Submissions: 2 = 2 pts.
TOTAL = 14 pts.

Awesome writing this month, and hopefully I'll do better for NaNo. [crossed fingers] Twice as many subs as last month [cough] but still waiting on several slow markets.


iasa said...

oh well righty then, (or should that be writey then. Sorry I know it's a terrible pun)

Anyway, zero words written, zero edited, no other points earned.

A bit fat zero for me.

Jenna Jones said...

32,000 words written = 14 points if my math is right.

No queries or submissions this time around.

PD Singer said...

16000 words written: 7
20k edited 4
deduct because I edited these words once or twice already but publisher said... -3
guest blog post 1
GayRomLit -- any promo that requires PTO and a plane ticket ought to be worth at least 1 point 1
So 10 :D

Aniket Thakkar said...

I'm not even there on the list. The invisibility cloak actually works! Wooo Hoooo!

I'd keep it on for another month coz my Oktober earnings were sub-zero.

Now if only I just, remember remember the month of november....

stacy said...

I wrote, but failed to keep track. Not sure I got to 4K. Smackdown, I think.

Mar Durango said...

Submission - 1 point
Writing 6500 words - 2 points
Editing 55000 words - 11 points

Total: 14 points


November's Nanowrimo, so that should be a good month, too.

Whirlochre said...

Later in than a George Michael tribute act at a Clearly This Is No Longer The 80s You Imbecile festival...

So I'll take one for edits, one for writes — and a swipe of Koaloid claws across my backside.

Sarah Laurenson said...

October wsa Buddy's month. Happily he's doing much better, but it was a near thing several times during the month. No points, but I still have my baby.

McKoala said...

17,000 for me in the end - so seven points.

Good Goblin, *pat pat*.

Stevie, Jenna, Pam, Mar and Angie, I'm impressed!

Iasa!!!! Aniket!!!! Stacy!!!!

Whirl, narrow survival.

Sarah, I'll let Buddy do the disciplining, that sounds fair to me. Hands off, Goblin.

Robin Billings said...

Well, October was a sucking drainhole for me, points-wise. I made lots of notes and did research and background, but actually wrote only a few scenes, so although I now have hugely useful pages of snapshots - lines, desriptions, etc. Nothing really countable...