Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Over to you...

My last post about the weather (exciting topic, eh!) got a bit pretentiously writerly, I thought. That's because I was trying to write it without any visual description whatsoever. Did anybody even notice?!

So now...can you do it? Tell me about the weather where you are without using your eyes!


Church Lady said...

Taking the tray of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and placing them on the doorstep would cool them in about ten seconds.

Same weather increases appetite about three-fold.

Did I mention the extra layers of fat?

That's the weather here.

Ello said...

I don't know what is with the weather here lately, first it's cold then it's warm, then it's cold and warm all in the same day - and tomorrow it will go to 70 in Washington DC right before Thanksgiving! Global warming I tell you.

Robin S. said...

My skin is chilled, even with a thick turtleneck sweater on. I don't go outside unless I have no choice. I hate the cold and yet I am cold.

What season from hell am I entering?

Yeah- that would be the one. I'm thinking of moving to Australia right about now.

Robin S. said...

Just read ello's post. Is it really gonna be 70 here tomorrow?

Holy crap and happy day!

Church Lady said...

Ha! All three of us live in the same area, so we're describing the same weather!
That's freeakin' funny!

McKoala said...

All described in different ways! But none of you happy about it...

I had Thanksgiving in Nebraska one year. I was warned about the cold, but it turned out to be one of the warmest they'd ever had! We were sitting in the garden in short sleeves. Apparently it turned brutal after we left, though.

Ah well, I'll think of you all as I bask in the sun next to the swimming pool.

Ello said...

My kids are at the park in shorts sleeves and capris because it is a nice day. But it is supposed to turn really cold in a few hours! Yep, it's weird, here. Isn't if funny that 3 people living in the same neck of the woods are all commenting to you on the other side of the world? So funny! Enjoy the pool - I'm jealous but I will soon have all I can eat of pie!

McKoala said...

Raining now here, isn't it. Serves me right for boasting. Pah.

The Quoibler said...

Weather in Pennsylvania:


Happy flippin' holidays.

Robin S. said...

Ah. Thanksgiving is over over here. Finally. I only gained one pound. Life is good.

I'll have it off by tomorrow.

EE's zombie plots made me laugh.
Looks like things are getting back to normal.

How is it with you and yours, mckoala?