Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am so exhausted

Nonetheless, I dragged myself to my keyboard to share good news.

I finished the Christmas gift shopping today!

I know you're happy for me. Really, I do.


Ello said...

Well if you are done, can you help me with mine now? I hate shopping.

McKoala said...

Just wrapped 'em all!

I'm with you ello, I loathe Christmas shopping. And sales. I refuse to cross the threshold of the mall until mid January. Sorry!

Robin S. said...

Go, honey, go! Congrats.

I'm almost there. Two more small things to go- and I'm handling them tonight. I hate shopping with a purple and unadulterated passion. I love the Internet for that reason. But tonight- it's store time. Oh, well.

Church Lady said...

But you don't have my address....

Glad you're finished and can relax a bit. We went to the mall today just to walk around and go to a play area for the kids. Mistake!! Won't happen again.

McKoala said...

I forgot Granddad! OK, suggestions needed for a blind, diabetic 95-year old who walks on a frame.

Serves me right.

Robin I hope you are done now. Don't worry CL, I'll keep your present for me.

Ello said...

Fleecy slippers.

Ok - so I told you I hate shopping - it also means I have no ideas worth shopping for either! ;o)

Church Lady said...


The Quoibler said...

A blind, diabetic 94-year-old hottie who isn't afraid of free love, perhaps?

I must say that I, too, despise shopping. It's officially December 19th. I haven't started yet. Oh, well.


(Found you at Church Lady's!)

McKoala said...

Hi Quoibler, nice to see you! You jest, but I have been trying to set him up with a friend's 85-year old aunt. Nothing like a younger woman!

And for all my smugness, I haven't written a single Christmas card.