Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Make McKoala's New Year Resolution List

I never make one, so thought it might be fun for you to do it for me. Whatever you like - writing, food, bad habits (not that I have any, of course) - post 'em for me.

Try to keep away from the dark side, but knowing some of you, I reserve the right to pick and choose! If any of them are vaguely attractive to me, I'll give you monthly updates as 2008 moves on.


Ello said...

I don't make resolutions for myself simply because I don't want to break them on January 2nd. And I'm still too weak minded to think of something funny for you! I'll wait and see what Chris and Robin come up with - they are quite diabolical!

McKoala said...

The very reason why I reserve the right to pick and choose...

Church Lady said...

Resolution number one:
Keep visiting blogs.


McKoala said...

Wow, blogging and doing your writing exercises. You are so demanding.

Here are some that I'm planning (having said I never do it has got me thinking about it!):

Finish editing Ghost Boys - by early Jan. Find Beta readers who can read and return by mid-Jan. :-) Make any sensible changes and send out by end of Jan.
Get a web site up and running – by the end of February, sooner if possible.
Finish half-done rewrite on Maureen. Consider whether or not it needs third total rewrite (she's my problem child). No deadline. I want to get it right, as long as I'm working on it and progressing I'll be satisfied.
Try and find a mag that might be interested in the two short stories I am happy with.
Write more short stories.
Do more of Church Lady's writing exercises and keep visiting her blog.
Break the Christmas habit of two glasses of wine every night - by the end of the first week of January!

How's that so far?

Robin S. said...

Hi- I just got back in late last night- and am now runnng off to finish off my year with a but of actual work - it has to be done- what can I say- but tomorrow, honey, I'll be back with some diabolical stuff. I can't write sexed-up continuations for EE now, so all of you are in BIG trouble, as I now have to find a different place to, you know, vent or something. I'd say your resolutions list would be a good place to start!!!

Robin S. said...

OK- I'm feeling too schmaltzy and feel-good to be diabolical today. I just can't do it. I've just been on paca's picks thingie, and it occurred to me how much I like all of you all, and how happy I was, when I got back from Britain, and you all were right there, blogging away. Damn, I'd miss that, and I'd miss you guys, if you weren't there.

So- your number one resolution should be (OK, number two, after your writing work, and by the way, may I say you can kiss that no-wine policy bye-bye and right in the ass, right now, young lady!)

Anyway - number two should be to keep staying in touch with your blog friends, and keep your persona going strong where we can all enjoy your refreshing self. We will definitely buy your work when it's published. Promise.

Sorry - I just can't do diabolical right now. I'm sure there'll be a resurrection of that 'section' later.

Robin S. said...

Hey McK -

Congrats! YI just saw - you won best continuation of the year on EE's blog. And it truly is a deserving entry. Good way to start out your "writing New Year", huh?

McKoala said...

I didn't even know the competition was on! (Spent most of yesterday with friends breaking the 'cutting down on the wine' resolution, gee that was a good start for the new year resolutions). Thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out. I didn't write many continuations last year, so I'm intrigued.

Back to topic - that's a lovely resolution. It'll be hard, but, seeing as it's you, I'll give it a try!

Just in case you resume your diabolical persona, I have a little addition to my list:

Not to write naughty continuations for EE. Or anywhere else. No matter what Robin might say.

Good to see you back! Hope you had a good holiday. If you had a blog you could tell us all about it...

Church Lady said...

Congrats on winning over at EE's blog!!! That was so funny, I almost peed myself.

Robin S. said...

Hey girl- did you see the Preditors and Editors poll thing?

Looks like EE has two votable entries - under writers resources, and under editors.

McKoala said...

Thanks CL!

Thanks for reminding me Robin, I voted!

Robin S. said...

McK - Are you looking for readers?
I was rereading just now and saw your smiley thing by the finish story/beta reader resolution.

I'm up for it, if you need me.

McKoala said...

Heh, heh, you noticed my subtle plea! E-mailing you...

Robin S. said...

Yes! Cool!