Thursday, January 03, 2008

Getting up off my blogging a**

Here's the final list of resolutions, numbered for efficiency and satisfying crossing-offability:

1. Finish editing Ghost Boys - by early Jan.
2. Find Beta readers who can read and return by mid-Jan:-)
3. Make any sensible changes and send out by end of Jan.
4. Get a web site up and running – by the end of February, sooner if possible.
5. Finish half-done rewrite on Maureen. Consider whether or not it needs third total rewrite (she's my problem child). No deadline. I want to get it right, as long as I'm working on it and progressing I'll be satisfied.
6. Try and find a mag that might be interested in the two short stories I am happy with.
7. Write more short stories.
8. Do more of Church Lady's writing exercises and keep visiting her blog. (As requested by Church Lady)
9. Break the Christmas habit of two glasses of wine every night - by the end of the first week of January!
10. Stay in touch with your blog friends, and keep your persona going strong where we can all enjoy your refreshing self. (As requested by Robin, and pretty much in her words, because it's my blog and I like the compliments, I do, I do, purr.)
11. We will definitely buy your work when it's published. Promise. (oh, hang on, I think that's Robin's resolution. But I'll buy yours too, Robin.)

OK, let's get going on the crossing off... What? Why did you think I was posting?!

Number one - it's done! Yippee! Well maybe it could do with another re-read, but I can do that while carrying out numbertwo... It's already off to one reader.

Number eight. I'm still visiting Church Lady. That's an easy one!

Number nine. Two nights ago I had a gin and tonic instead of wine. No, really, that counts. Oh, OK then. Last night not a drop passed my lips, just a lot of chocolate. It's a step-by-step process...

Number ten. I haven't written much here, but I've been flitting about the blogosphere in my breaks, so I'll take a yes on that one. Another easy one really. I think. Assuming I've been refreshing, which I will allow you to judge.

Not a bad start to 2008!


Ello said...

I would love to be a beta reader - but are you serious about the mid January thing? That part scared me...

Great resolutions!!!

Church Lady said...

My dear Mckoala, you are as refreshing as a cool Peppermint patty.
:-) (remember those commercials?)

Kudos for crosssing things off your list!!

I was going to say the same thing as Ello--would love to be a beta reader, but mid-January is like next week. Seriously, I could do it, and would really love to, but wouldn't be able to finish until end of Feb.

December/Stacia said...

Gin instead of wine totally counts.

Church Lady said...

Please go check out my Saturday singalong! heeehehhee!

McKoala said...

Ello and CL, how can I befoul my astonishing (and surprising) resolution success by missing my own crazy deadline?

However, I willingly accept that this is my crazy deadline, not yours... If either of you would like to read it in your own time, I'd be delighted, and any comments you can get back to me would be great. I'm really just hoping for feedback on continuity and a global impression, not anything too detailed. It's YA and not long either - just over 52,000 - and I'd be delighted to beta read something of yours in return.

E-mail me if you'd like to dive in! (The address is on my profile page).

If not, don't worry. Now I've found you I'm sure I can come up with plenty of future projects for you to read...

McKoala said...

December, suddenly I feel as if we were identical twins separated at birth.

Robin S. said...

Hey McK - looks like the pool is coming to an end on EE's blog- please see Fight Scene 15, for further details.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Thanks for dropping by and saying hi. I'd offer to read, but I'm totally swamped with deadlines.

Good luck, though!