Sunday, January 06, 2008

Is it all over for Robin?

At the start of the year, well, a few days into it, one of my regular commenters, Robin was challenged to Fight The Smut over at Evil Editor - the link is at the side of this blog.

Alas for Robin, some of Evil's regulars had noticed a tendency in some of her posts. Or plain, honest smut. She was challenged to keep it clean for as long as she could. Evil Editor, who is a harsh taskmaster, thinks the jig is already up.

To follow the tale scroll down to 'The pool' where the challenge is set, then for a giggle read the comments trails to Fight Scenes numbers three, five and nine. Then check out Fight Scene fifteen and see if you agree with the Evil One.

It's been fun and Robin's been a good sport, but I can't believe it might be over so soon!


Robin S. said...

Yep, honey, it's all over. But I'm not goin' down without a few tasty comments, of course.

EE's got his "proof" post up now.

Hmmph. Just wait until I get home, so I can feel free to do my thing, verbally.

McKoala said...

Oh my.

Kind of looking forward to the unleashing of the pent-up Robin commentary!

McKoala said...

And, yet, slightly scared.

Robin S. said...

It's already started, honey.

Church Lady said...

Oh, it was over before it started, honey.

Chumplet said...

I gave her till Valentine's Day, silly me.