Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blogging words of wisdom

No, not from me, sillies. Somebody much wiser. The sexy overcaffeinated one known as Sex Scenes at Starbucks, possibly the best blogging name in the entire world. Anyway, she's been doing this blogging thing for a while and this week she posted some of her tips as to what makes a good blog. Let's see if I can do a fancy link: Wise Words from a Master

I break many of these rules on a regular basis:

1. See a** below. Duh! Just call an ass an ass you slacker koalie
2. I don't visit many new blogs; just keeping busy with the ones I already visit is enough for a slacker like me
3. I'm a posting slacker

At last I know why I don't get 150 hits a day! And I'm not sure I ever will. See use of word 'slacker' above. However, this is all great, practical advice and I insist that the rest of you go off and follow it to the letter.

I love the visits I do get, so please keep checking in and I may even post more often (I've done well this week, haven't I?)


Robin S. said...

Don't worry, McK. I'm a slacker, too. We can slack together. Hell, I don't even have a blog. I just live vicariously through EE, you, CL, paca, and a very few others.

Works for me, and this way, I really enjoy it, because I enjoy the connection and the camaraderie. I'm not much on collecting, just to collect.

Robin S. said...

I'm also worried if I blog too awfully much, I won't actualy accomplish what I began reading blogs for in the first place - my writing - and finding a community of people who have the same passion and caring for the written word that I do.

Church Lady said...

I gained 20 pounds in 6 months from sitting on my ass and blogging.

I'll blog about my weight-loss strategy later. It involves more sitting...

McKoala said...

I understand that Robin, and it's one of the reasons I resisted for a while. I have enough reasons to procrastinate without adding another one. However, luckily for me, I have found that blogging about utter nonsense (as authorised by Goblin) really doesn't take up that much time! I enjoy the chit chat and the to and fro as much as the occasional moment when I spout forth about something serious and researched (and when was that, I hear you ask...well if you check back to 1989...)

I'm frightened of Facebook and MySpace, though. So not going there.

Church Lady, I am intrigued. Does it involve a long-distance flight? Hang on, don't they serve you with many high-fat foods and endless booze on those things? Tell me more!

Robin S. said...

Yep- I'm totally up for the chit chatting, McK - and I've finally found my equilibrium point - (I think!) so I can both blog with my buds, and keep editing my novel.

Robin S. said...

Hey, McK - Paca's got a new idea for contests. Check out his blog if you get a minute - it's easier to sign up for this one than that yahoo dealie.

Ello said...

Hey you've been posting much more frequently! Very cool!

Robin - just get a blog already! It won't eat your time up that much more. I promise. But then again I've been known to lie.