Monday, January 21, 2008

The Evil One Takes Over the Church!

The ever-beautiful Church Lady (just check out her photo on her blog, she's a stunner!) is hosting a blog party dedicated to the release of Evil Editor's book 'Novel Deviations 3'. Check out her blog between 9am and 9pm on Thursday, January 24, to commune with the Evil One, his minions and his weredingos. It's sure to be hilarious, sorry, highly educational.

The Evil One does not allow the public to see any photos of himself, but after much begging and pleading, he did finally release one to me. It explains much about his obsession with weredingos.

The wise words of the Evil One can be found here.


Travis Erwin said...

I've heard of a receding hairline but never a proceeding one.

Robin S. said...

Oh my God- this is perfect! I see a new title in your future...

Evil Ed and the Weredingo

Who plays the weredingo?

Mary Cunningham said...

Ohhh, good likeness, McKoala! EE sure is a handsome dude.

Church Lady said...

A weredingo photo from Aussieland!!! Gotta love it!!

Thanks so much for joining in the partay!

Robin S. said...

Hey Mck- check it out- we can't play yet, I don't think- but hell, what do I know? Anyway, CL has her stuff up on her blog.

I'm going to bed now.
Almost midnght here.

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