Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to the stone ages

I've exceeded my data allowance for this month so my broadband is now narrowtwistyband at dial up speed. Grrrr. So you may not see much of me for the rest of this week until it speeds up again and there's no way the web site will go up yet. Double grrr.

In the meantime, I was too slow to sign up to help Patry Francis, an author who needs a little extra help, so I'll make my contribution by pointing you to Church Lady's very cool post about her: And what's more, it's competition time over there with the very lovely clergy supporter!

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Church Lady said...

Hi McKoala,

I just found out about this from a friend a couple of weeks ago, but didn't seriously look into it until after the EE party.
I wanted to send a mass email, but I didn't want to bother/overload people.

But this is a good showing, isn't it? I hope the amount of support helps her feel better.

My youngest sister died from cancer a few years ago. I remember asking everyone I knew to send cheery mail. It helped her spirits--getting cards with positive messages from all over. These things do matter.

Anyway, I have to go...DH is on his way home.

THanks for the plug...