Friday, February 01, 2008

Back up to speed

Yee-haw! Ride 'em bandwidth, cowgirl!

And, tarantara, the website is up. Needs a smidge of correcting (blows kisses to the beta readers), but job pretty much done. Wow. It was a challenge, but yanno, it was fun too. Now I have to try and remember everything I learned while I was doing it, so I can make changes and add pages as time goes on.

Last, but not least, Cricket Boy resumed his place on the cricket pitch today. 'There's no way I'm playing cricket next year,' he informed us in the car on the way to the game. 'I'm playing summer soccer.' With that gung ho expression of enthusiasm he took to the field like a duck to treacle and dreamed his way through fielding. However, when he bowled he got a wicket - first ball! (American friends, that means he knocked the stumps over and sent one of the batsmen back to the dugout, although we have no dugout, just a line of mums in folding chairs holding jackets and water bottles and pretending to watch).

On the way home in the car he reminded us again to sign him up for summer soccer next year. Five more weeks and then his cricket career is over!

Drama on the sidelines when Houdini Polly Dog wriggled out of her harness and ran away from Husbad. She was just looking for me. Aw. Thankfully she found me before she found the road.


Robin S. said...

Hey there - I'd forgotten to ask about Polly Dog. Good to know she's got spunk, and she's smart enough to love her mama.

Cricket Bot is gonna go back to being Soccer Boy, and he's happy about it. Cutie!

By the way - do you all say soccer rather than football, or are you just Americanizing it for us?

McKoala said...

Cricket Bot! LOL! Robin, you simply cannot help yourself.

I've had to get used to using 'soccer', because that's what they call it here. UK 'rugby' is their 'football'. Mucho confusion.

Robin S. said...

Crap. I can't type worth a damn.

I assume you remember my (major) snafu at blogless's, huh? hee hee

ChristineEldin said...

Welcome back!!!

I wanted to send this info to you, if it's helpful....
I don't usually read Kristen Nelson, but I skimmed her blog today and she wrote something about websites on her Jan 31 post.

Robin S. said...

Just stopping by to say hi. (And look, no typos!!!!)

McKoala said...

Hi, Robin, I'm here too!

Chris, I did read that! I thought it was great info.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

"just a line of mums in folding chairs holding jackets and water bottles and pretending to watch"

Things sure are the same all over.

McKoala said...

Aren't they just?!