Monday, February 04, 2008

Of the 11 resolutions...

...only these remain:

5. Finish half-done rewrite on Maureen. Consider whether or not it needs third total rewrite (she's my problem child). No deadline. I want to get it right, as long as I'm working on it and progressing I'll be satisfied.
6. Try and find a mag that might be interested in the two short stories I am happy with.
7. Write more short stories.

Some of the others require year-long attention, such as continuing to blog and doing Church Lady's writing exercises (or do I get out of that one now that she's changed her name - vote here!). After years of resistance, I'm liking this resolution thing. It's really focusing my mind and giving myself deadlines has been fantastic. I completed the website one ahead of time, which gives me another golden opportunity to give myself a pat on the back.

Now, of course, I have to focus on the rest. Life is as little fragmented at the moment so I'll leave Maureen for now. I think I'll concentrate on short story markets and maybe on writing some more stories. I'd like to expand on one of Church Lady's writing exercises, namely why Calcutta servant Bir Singh is looking through his employers' windows. I think I typed it directly into her blog so I'll have to go on a find and rescue mission through her archives. Some research will be needed into India in the time of British government, so it will be a slow writing process, but I know who Bir is and what he's about to do. My mother's family were in India, so I've got a little background in my head about expat life in those times, but I want to make it as accurate as possible.

Real life update...

Princess has started school at the age of only four and a half, but brimming with confidence and a desire to learn. We think it's going to work out; but what will happen when she's sixteen and her classmates are eighteen? We've had to leave that question for the future to resolve. Padlocks and chains could be a good answer.


December/Stacia said...

Lol, whips and chains indeed. Our Princess already has a boyfriend.

Who kisses her on the mouth.

She's SIX.

Ello said...

FYI - I was a 15 year old senior until I turned 16 in April. It was not fun! I was definitely too young and my parents too overprotective. High school is not fun as it is. Being too young can add another difficult dimension to one's social life.

McKoala said...

Ah, December. They grow up too fast.

Hi Ello, yes I have a definite concern about that. I think we will just have to be as honest with her as soon as we can and explain that she may have to wait a while before she can do some of the things her friends are allowed to do - and that it's not just us being party poopers, it's the law. At the moment she is inseperable from a girl who is only two months older than her, so it would totally pay off for their future if they can be best buddies for, oh, the next fifteen years or so, because they would be equally restricted!

Robin S. said...

Hey McK-

Congrats on your list being accomplished so quickly. You're a focused woman!

Funny about that one writing exercise of Chris's. I copied my own as well from that one - I'm using it, with a few changes, in my novel. It occured to me as I wrote it that what I was REALLY doing was describing a character in my novel.

And go, princess, go! I agree with ello, high school is not fun- at least not here in the States it isn't. It's more of a survival extended boot-camp thing. But she sounds strong, your princess.

And hell, look what it did for ello, going through early-age survival training!

Robin S. said...

McK- Thought you'd wanna know- I just checked in on blogless's blog- and he actually HAS A BLOG, with two posts now.

McKoala said...

He's got comments now too, I've just been there!

ChristineEldin said...

First of all, congratulations with your list and with the revisions on Maureen! Nicely done.

Second and most importantly, you *will* continue to haul your ass over for those weekly exercises. I am dedicating tomorrow's to you. Oh yeah.


ChristineEldin said...

I have 3 votes you know.
One as Takoda.
One as Church Lady.
One as ChristineEldin


pacatrue said...

I graduated from high school at 16 as well (though turned 17 3 months later, so Ello wins). I really had no major issues with it except I did lag behind in athletics and dating. I did the normal things at the normal ages, but that put me a couple years behind my classmates. For the latter, maybe you think that's a good thing.

Sarah said...

I graduated at 16 and started college at 16. Turned 17 after almost 3 months of college.

Would I do it again? Maybe. I wanted out of that crappy high school. I wanted out of my tension filled house. But I was overly young to be thrust into college life, only that made me want to act more mature.

It turned out fine in the end.

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