Friday, February 08, 2008

A tiny child starts school

Thank you so much for all the good wishes on my agent post. I promise I will post a more detailed story, but time is a little short at the moment. One of the reasons is in this photo - at the age of only four and a half, Princess has started school. And she's doing great. She even won an award this week - her first week! Which means that we have now finalised her place and we are about to rush off to the school shop and equip her properly - note lack of school shoes and regulation bag in the photo! I kept her school kit minimal until we were sure we were doing the right thing. Scary though it is, it does seem to be the right thing. She's ready.


ChristineEldin said...

Awww, soooo cute!!!
Really, very adorable. Did you cry?

(you may have noticed my avatar change. I've found this one to invoke even more fear than CL)

Robin S. said...

Oh, McK- she is such a precious girl!

I'm like Chris, wondering if you had a tear in your eye when you took this picture of your little princess, striding out to her adventures.

And good for her, winning an award the first week. Go, princess power!

Ello said...

SHe is too cute! I love that picture. I'm sure you were tearing up a storm, I know I got teary seeing it. And what a smarty just like her mommy!

By the way - isn't Chris' avatar scary?

Conduit said...

Her bag's bigger than she is! You're having an eventful time of it. :)

McKoala said...

Only Chris's new avatar makes me cry.

I was vewy bwave on Princess' first day. She was so excited and optimistic that she made it easy for me. I also had to rush off to Cricket Boy's swimming carnival and all my friends were waiting there to greet me, so I ended up having fun. Cricket Boy came second in the backstroke, beating kids two years older than him so we may have to change his name to Fish Boy.

Robin S. said...

Ha! Yeah, Chris - please, God, put the pretty lady back on - the one at the beach with her two little cuties!

Cool about Swimmin'
Prodigy Boy! (How does that name sound? I kinda like it!)

McK - you're havin' what's known as a damn good week (or maybe longer...). Enjoy the flow of the joy, sweetie. you deserve it!

McKoala said...

OK, the new naked Robin avatar is also slightly worrying!

McKoala said...

Sorry! Naked Robin husband. Still worrying.

Robin S. said...

Hey McK,

There'll be no naked Robin pics shown on blogs- no worries there!