Sunday, February 24, 2008

Precie in print!

Just wanted to highlight Precie for her great story today in Every Day Fiction. I think it's a really well-constructed piece and the ending is just perfect. Conduit had a standout story in Every Day Fiction a couple of months ago, so a late high five to him as well.

Precie is a fellow blogger with a secret blog whose address I once had, but can't remember (Precie, that's a hint). She hangs out a lot with Evil Editor and Chris Eldin, but don't hold that against her.

As for Every Day Fiction, it's a great way to read a new story every day - subscribe and they will send one by e-mail every morning. Heaps of different styles, lengths and genres - the quality is just as varied, but there are some real gems (and the gems include the contributions from Precie and Conduit needless to say).


Robin S. said...

Congrats, Precie! Very, very good for you!

Sarah said...

Yeah, Precie! More power to ya!

Conduit said...

I went scrambling to my inbox when I saw this. Good story, dark, and not a million miles away from the themes you've tackled in your short stories,McK.

McKoala said...

Probably why I like it, Conduit! Have you seen the writing exercise on Chris Eldin's blog? (Chris is a close, um, relation to Church Lady). EE will be commenting in a week or so.

I've gone dark again, darn it! I'm really quite a nice, happy person, honest, but you'd never know it from my stories.

Anonymous said...

Precie is Queen. Or Goddess. Or both. I worship her.

Anyway, I don't know if she saw this post, but you can find her at Writer at Work

Precie said...

Aw, McKoala! Thanks so much for the lovely shout-out! I'm honored!

And thanks so much to Robin, Sarah, Conduit (you rock for showing us the way), and Aerin too!

And my dear Aerin did indeed point to my blog, which, yes, I keep non-public but share with people I "know." Writer at Work Come on over! :)