Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do you have photos of yourself in your house?

In most of my friends' homes there are many photos. Kids, husbands, dogs, relatives, friends.

Guess who the one person is who is usually missing.

Then tell me about the photos in your house. Are you in them? With family? On your own? Big? Small? Framed? On the wall?

Why are they there and what do they mean to you or somebody else in your family?

Real life update

Princess may need a new name. Not satisfied with kicking out one of Cricket Boy's teeth two weeks ago, this week she managed to knock one of the dog's out. She may look cute, but...

Heaps of work on, which should help me adjust to the empty house pretty fast. It's just me and my keyboard and a stack of website copy.


blogless_troll said...

Funny how you don't notice these things until you purposely think about them. All the photos in our house are of the kids, except two. One is our wedding picture and the other is a family photo. But it's not our family. I don't know who it is actually. They came with the frame. They look happy though.

Sarah said...

I actually have two photo albums of me on the fireplace mantle. I decided that I needed to be present in my life, so I made these two albums of me. They also include a lot of my animals.

Helps that I don't have kids - yet.

My desk has three photos: my brother and my niece who was killed by a drunk driver, my family right before my dad died, and my girlfriend and I.

Robin S. said...

Most of our pictures are of the kids, or of places we've been - I love photography- and if I take a photo I think is good - I'll frame it - in one of those smaller pic- larger mat formats.

There are a few of us - but not that many. Like Sarah,I have pictures of a loved one who died, back when he was younger and looked like he had the world by the tail.

Paul said...

We have many photos in the house, I'm in a few of them. Family and friends in the others. My wife has put all of them up, though. If it were up to me, none of them would include me. It's bad enough to have to see my ugly mug in the mirror :)

Paul (http://strugglingwriter.wordpress.com)

McKoala said...

Hi Paul, and thanks for visiting. As for you, blogless, get the strangers out of your photo frame and out of your house!

I think it's true of most of us that we put up pics of the kids and other family and friends - but not of ourselves. The wedding photo is usually up, but that's about it. In our house we have the wedding photo and I'm in one other - but it's mostly a shot of the kids, I'm purely incidental.

Sarah puts it nicely - why aren't we present in our own lives? If we like to see photos of our kids, wouldn't they like to see photos of us? Is this an unwitting perpetration of King Kid, the way in which we put our kids first and forget about ourselves?

Or are we really all that ugly?!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I'm in a few around the house, but not long ago I looked for a pic to send Conduit (after knowing him for over a year I thought he could see what I look like) and I found only one realatively close up, taken by my son, his thumb over part of the lens, and it's outside so I have my sunglasses on.

Oh well.

Ello said...

I am in no pictures because I take all the pictures and becaue I hate my pictures of myself.

ChristineEldin said...

Re the photos--I went a bit crazy with the photos a couple of years ago. DH is like "We are NOT decorating the house with our kids." hahhahaha! He was right. I took some down then gradually put them all up again.
I had one nice portrait of me with our two sons taken when they were 2 and 4. I'm so glad to have it. Now they don't want any photos taken of them, much less with me.

ChristineEldin said...

Oh--to follow on my last comment, because out of context it sounds like DH has been deleted out of hte photo scene. Actually, it's quite the opposite. Since I'm the one with the camera, he's the one in most of the photos. Hence that's why I'm so happy to have one really nice one with me in it.