Monday, February 25, 2008

Email wipeout!

Gremlins got into my email and devoured all my address details, and all my old messages, so I'm starting afresh. Oh, how liberating. Oh, how irritating. If I had your email address, then now is your chance to escape me. On the other hand, if you still want me baby, please send a message to the address in my profile so I can put you in my shiny new address book. Lovin' you all...

Real life update

I was ready to wallow, as prescribed. I finished my work to deadline yesterday; I spent the morning on admin. All done. I collected the library book, made a cup of tea and a sandwich. I was going to start by reading on the sofa. One bite of the sandwich. The phone rang. It was the school. It was The Call. I spent the rest of the afternoon ministering to a sick and grumpy Cricket Boy.

The rest of the family clearly need to get with the Wallow Program.


sylvia said...

Oh no! You just aren't having any luck at all with this wallowing thing.

On the bright side, did you lose your inbox and thus a whole slew of people that you should be responding to?

Sarah said...

Hate when that happens. Maybe this the sign of the clean slate.

Time to let go of all that is tying you to the past and leap into the future. And wallowing ASAP.

McKoala said...

Oh, yes, not having to respond to anything is the liberating part!!!

Cricket Boy is back at school today, but, would you believe it, DH decided to work from home. I feel unable to wallow in front of him. Snarl.

However, I have booked a hair cut and colour for tomorrow, so maybe the wallowing will finally begin.

McKoala said...

On the other hand, I've just had an e-mail saying that a book I need for research on a story I'm interested in writing has just come into the library and not only will it cost me $13.20, I must pick it up in the next three days and no renewals are permitted. So I'd better digest it in the next couple of weeks, then, hadn't I?

Events are stacking up against The Wallow.

Robin S. said...

Dammit! You need to hand signs around your house that read:

Wallow Big


Shhhhh....Wallowing in Progress

Now don't go back to the frenetic pre-wallowing nerves, honey. Just start over on the wallow count, after Cricket Boy feels better. And unplug the phone.

BTW, I'm emailing you now, to be reconnected (but this is only to be used after you've had your fun.)

ChristineEldin said...

LOL! I hope you can wallow soon!!!


Ello said...

I am a very good wallower. I can wallow along with you!

Robin S. said...

Oh yeah. We can have a big wallow,or a wallow big, group. Good idea!

McKoala said...

I have something special for all of us... Worldwide Wallow Day!