Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Free stories!

Ah, yes, the catch...I can't really think of one. What do I get out of it? A useful range of critiques hopefully, my darling readers.

Here's the background (pay attenion, now). Chris Eldin set an interesting writing exercise that ran over four weeks. Each week she gave us some elements to incorporate into a story. Seven of us made it through the four weeks, with some running wild with the elements, and some taking them more literally. The result is a fascinating range of stories, technically using the same ideas - but wow, are they different! There's action and horror, womens' and literary - and the other three!

About half way through, Evil Editor got wind of this (or Chris told him, who knows) and he's going to comment on the stories. If you know EE, then you'll know that this could be helpful or hilarious, or, more likely, both.

Check them out at I kiss you for doing writing exercises. And if you have time, please leave your comments!


Paul said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you thanks for the comments on my story over at Chris's site. They were all useful comments. I will get to your story soon.

Paul (struggglingwriter)

sylvia said...

I'm gutted that I missed the last deadline - that'll teach me to leave it to the last minute!

I loved the stories that everyone did, including yours!

Conduit said...

Great story, McK. I left comments over there.

McKoala said...

Thanks Conduit - good point and I will check that. Thanks Sylvia, Paul I'll wait for you!

This was a great exercise and I loved doing it; I'm glad to have got an apparently decent story out of it too.

Robin S. said...

Hi McK - this was a really good exercise - I'm glad we did it.

Sylvia- don't worry- you'll catch the next one and be on it!

ChristineEldin said...

Thanks for posting this, Mckoala!!! :-)

Bad Sylvia, Bad. (okay, okay! But I love teasing!)

sylvia said...

Humph, it took longer to write up my excuse letter than it did to finish the story! :)