Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Through to the next stage!

Yippee! I love SEO!

I (cheekily) asked and found out they only interviewed three people out of 60 applicants. I didn't (cheekily) ask how many were going forward out of those three - I only care that one of them is me!

This stage is a 'practical', which is interesting. Given the length of time I've been working in this industry I've never really been asked to do this - people usually go by your portfolio. However, I'm a big believer in it myself, having worked with some junior writers who it turned out couldn't actually write. You see, with a copy portfolio, you never know who might have edited a piece of work before it was printed - and how appalling the copywriter's starting point actually was. So, I have no issue with putting my money where my mouth is and writing a test piece.

Awaiting the details and ready to get my head down and get it back by Friday. A perfectly fair deadline (if he's right about the size of the task).

Soooo glad I'm not sick this week!


JaneyV said...

I am delighted at your lack of sickness too. Good luck with the practical (although Luck will surely have nothing to do with it). I too am stumped but I support you all the way in your endeavour to multiply your eucalypt ownership.

Robin S. said...

Well, you've got the excellent writing part down flat, girl, so you should be the obvious choice. Have at it.

Precie said...

EXCELLENT!!!! Good luck, although I suspect you don't need luck!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Awesome. Had nothing for you on the SEO part, but glad to hear you're in the running.

Status Update: Edited a total of 16 chapters this past week and did a run through of the first 14chapters again for a total of 30 chapters (~700 words @). Realizing how much I still have to do and Labor Day is too close.

pacatrue said...


Whirlochre said...


Isn't that a 2nd division Scottish football team?

jjdebenedictis said...

*flails pom-poms*

Wootie-woot-woot, and good luck!