Sunday, August 02, 2009

A staccato serenade

Eucalypt remains unsold. Ooops. Looks like we may become a two-eucalypt family. An utterly cash-free, two-eucalypt family.

An ominous throbbing deep in my throat suggests that I am in the early stages of the fancy virus Soccer Boy succumbed to last week - fancy, because it was One With a Name, as opposed to 'cold'/'flu' (no it wasn't the curly-tailed variety, it was fancier than that, trust Soccer Boy not to get the virus that's actually going around, but something nobody else in the area has - except me, apparently.)

Princess took three toys in for News last week. One of her questions was: what are their names? These toys have no names, but, as ever, Princess was ready:
Holds up toy one: Sally
Holds up toy two: Gaga
Holds up toy three: Stupidhead
Everybody laughed, she reported (as did the many members of the Princess Posse who also regaled me with the tale, just in case she hadn't). I muttered things about her language and getting into trouble with the teacher. Oh, no, says Princess, no trouble with the teacher. Apparently she was laughing louder than anyone.

Um, that's it really. Good weekend otherwise, apart from the eucalypt thing. Some writing even.



Chris Eldin said...

It doesn't seem as though your eucalypt has been on the market very long---what's the average wait? Be patient--another 'oala family will see its beauty and snap it right up.

Hope your fancy virus doesn't keep you out very long. At least the kids will be in school? You can rest? Hopefully?

Bevie said...

Princess has a wonderful sense of humor.

Robin S. said...

These good/bad weeks aere distressing. Hope you feel better soon, or don't come down too hard with it, whichever works best for ya.

Of course you know I love hearing about Gaga and Stupidhead and the Princess Posse! HA! That world is that darling's oyster. Hell- even the teacher laughed. Now that's Princess Power.

As for the house - I truly commisserate, and hope that changes soon for you and yours, McK.

pacatrue said...

Here's hoping you get over H3N22annoyingashellitis soon!

fairyhedgehog said...

I hope you fight off whatever bug is attacking you.

Your Princess is quite a character. She must get her creativity from you.

Precie said...

1) Princess wasn't using bad words---she was just saying the toy's's like quoting. ;) Yeah, that's a powerful princess.

2) Hope the throat thing turns out to be nothing. I know way over here my allergies/sinuses are going mad. I've had sinus headaches almost every day for the past week. Ugh.

3) Good luck on the eucalypt.

4) Check in: Um...I completed my syllabus for the Brit Lit II course I'm teaching this fall. It took me multiple days' worth of writing. Plus, I'm still trying to revise that traffic short story based on a rewrite request. I have no idea of wordage...but I can send you the syllabus as proof of my assiduousness. I hope this counts in lieu of a specific fiction word count, O Mighty and Merciful McK.

Whirlochre said...

Hope you don't need the 2nd eucalypt to accommodate any unpleasant swelling.

You fluffy

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hope you don't get sick and the eucalypt gets sold. Princess is a hoot!

Have you thought about renting the eucalypt? Maybe we need a minion vacation home? ;-)

Checking in: Um, well, I did write some. 496 new words. No editing. But that does include crawling behind my neighbor's garage and rescuing the 5 kittens we now have to find homes for. Does that count?

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Argh! Selling a house is the WORST. Good luck!!!

Aniket said...

A 14 yr old just passed away in my city due to the curly tailed flu. Its pretty bad out here with over 300 infected in our city.

Stupidhead is a damn cute name. Way better than Mr. Potatohead. :D