Tuesday, December 08, 2009

McK still lives!

A relapse necessitated another slack off, but I think I'm really on the road to recovery now. Cross fingers and claws please.

I did carve out a little writing time and am tantalisingly close to being finished with the edits on WiW. At about the worst time of year - now I'm going to be gripped by the 'send before Christmas or after Christmas' question. If I get it finished by next week, I think I may send out to a couple of agents and then hang on until January for the rest.

Any thoughts or advice, koallettes?

Watch out for a end of year round up on the Koala challenge, coming soon!


Whirlochre said...

I'd hang on till Jan.

I'm in a similar situation in that mine is so close to being ready, I'm tempted to make a bolt for the finish line.

Which means possibly hurrying things unduly for the sake of figgy pudding.

Plus — right now everyone (agents included) is gearing up for Christmas, post-Nano.

So I'm sprucing and tittivating — then I'm going to leave it "gently fermenting up the turkey's arse" till New Year.

jjdebenedictis said...

Send it when it's ready. Not a second before, no matter what justification you have in mind.

Robin S. said...

Yay!! Glad you're feeling better. Relapses are the pits.

Be careful with the sending, in my opinion. When I hurry myself along and don't let something stew a while, even my 'finished' product that I'm just dying to get out there, it doesn't work for me. The flashes I had published were ones I wrote, got feedback on, edited, then waited a bit and reread and looked again, etc.

The one I just sent out that I thought was the bomb, and thus hurried through, was turned down two places that I REALLY wanted it published. Both said, basically, 'pretty good but disjointed' and when I waited a couple of weeks I reread, and they were right.

I'm not saying I'm you or you're me, but with this being the Christmas season, I swear I'd sit on what you figure is all the way perfected, not look at it, then look at again in two or three weeks, just for that one more loving, careful comb through.

That said, I know this is hard as hell to do, so, hey, if you have to send out to a couple of agents to get over a big case of the antsies, have at it, but maybe don't send both to top tier people - save them for after the reread. just my two cents.

writtenwyrdd said...

Glad things have improved. I'd suggest taking more time rather than pushing it. One more read through, in other words.

McKoala said...

Wiser heads prevail. Sigh. Finish the edits. One more read through. OK, bosses.

And a reno-job on the web site, I think, which is all YA-oriented at the moment.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hope you're still on the mend or well on the way to feeling awesome.

Long time, no nothing - but I have been writing. And now that you've relaxed the reins and allowed for 1000 words a week, I'm throwing a new wrench into the system. Currently working on a combo poetry / prose book and the word count is low as a result (First 10 chapters = about 2000 words). Added another 8 chapters last week. Will be writing again on it this weekend.

Looks like I'm staying one step away from the rules. :-)