Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You can't keep a good marsupial down!

Why, oh, why would I post wombling nonsense when I have this little beauty up my sleeve?

The hair! The clothes! The meaningful looks!

Take that Mr Eyeball!


Whirlochre said...

Listening to George Michael is like having your gag reflex hotwired by a Death Star.

So glad this year's UK X Factor winner made him look decidedly average

Robin S. said...

THIS one I remember. Maybe it was on MTV back in the day, in the U.S.

Robin S. said...

Ewwwww. I just poppe dover and took a look at George M. now. Not that he was ever a hoo-ha looker in my humble opinion, but those glasses he's wearing make him look like he's trying to hide the fact that he's secretly a chipmunk.

pacatrue said...

Am I the only one who doesn't get the story of the video and how it fits with the song?

And that is hair.

Whirlochre said...

And by the way, it's Mr EyeballS

Antagonistic horseplay I can withstand, but not any kind of insinuation that I'm a monocular mutant charged with responsibility for overseeing the fate of the Universe.

Actually, scratch that last part and just go with the monocular mutant bit.

Or rather, don't.

McKoala said...

I think George Michael now looks disturbingly like Billy Ray Cyrus.

Paca, it's all in the longing looks... Actually, no, you're right, there isn't much logic in it. Just a lot of pretty people.

As for you Whirl, did you say 'scratch'? It would be the Koala's pleasure. *unsheathes deadly claws of pain*

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Actually, it was a marketing thing. Originally, the song was "Last Easter." The producers said "what? That'll never sell," and changed it to christmas.

anyway, all pale in comparison to this:


(sorry 'bout the crappy quality- only copy you-tube has to offer)

McKoala said...

No, Mother, no! You are too cruel!

(The only thing I hate more than the muppets is John Denver. I lasted exactly two seconds watching that clip.)