Thursday, December 24, 2009

So many songs, so little time.

Whirl kindly offered me Greg Lake on a platter. Nay, a poisoned chalice, thought I! Do not accept! Plus, it's cheesy, but I don't actually like it, so it's not my grand finale. (Although if you want a listen, it's here.)

I was beyond tempted to offer you this little gem. However, technically it's not a Christmas song, plus David Essex is so good-looking he's almost ugly, if you see what I mean. It's kind of annoying. Along with that more than sincere sincerity. And those puppy dog eyes. Oh, yes, and that song. Ick.

This is probably the Christmas song that irritates me beyond all others. Sorry, Sir Paul, but I've only just got it out of my head when, hey ho, here comes next Christmas and it's stuck in my head again for the next 11 months.

When it comes to doing good, a decent tune, a collection of 80s fashion, plus several gratuitous looks at the drummer from the Boomtown Rats, Simon Crowe, who I had a long crush on as a teen, you can't beat this one. (I challenge you to spot Simon Crowe. Here's a clue. Crowd scene. By the way, I might have risen to Whirl's cartoonish brilliance had I not been distracted by my glimpses of the handsome Simon and spent two hours combing the web for old Boomtown Rats songs..and, um, OK, photos...)

But for its perfect combination of charm, corn and Christmas spirit, I give you my Festive Song Choice for your heart out Mariah, I like the kid version.

Merry Christmas from Koalaland!

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Robin S. said...

Merry Christmas Eve from over here.

See you in a couple of days when I come up for air after travel. Hope you all have a wonderful day!