Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 Koala Challenge Awards!

Award for the Best Manners
Including such fine character traits as faithful reporting and no sassing Your Great Master.
Shared between Sarah and Sylvia

The 'I Know It's Nothing to be Proud of but I got There First' Smackdown Award

The 'I Know it's Nothing to be Proud of but I Spent the Longest Time on' Smackdown Award

The 'I Know it's Nothing to be Proud of, and I Was So Enthusiastic But Stuff Got in the Way' Smackdown Award
Stacy (smacked down the month she joined in)

High Five Award
Aniket – who obeyed every rule, most months achieved only one or two points – but finished the year on a high of five!

Award for the Finest Poetry
For this little gem:
"There once was a fearsome koala,
came over sabbaticalala.
'Phew,' said her chums,
removed armour from bums.
In Oz — a marsupial ha ha..."

Award for Best Excuse for Not Accruing Pointage
Merry (she floated away with this one - it's hard to beat a flood)

Most Humiliating Smackdown
Me (Yes, I won this one last year too. I have a horrible feeling I'll be winning it every year. Unless some famous writer joins us. Then I'll find some way of awarding it to them…)

Award for the Most Points in a Single Month
Shared between Travis and JJ de Benedictis (both on 20 points, in different months)

In and Out Award for Most Inconsistent Reporting
Travis, were you all happy with your last award? Well, you get this one too… One month you appeared…the next you disappeared…the next you appeared… (This award takes the form of a lettuce leaf.)

And the top award…the person who spent the most time on Approves/Almost Happy… McKoala's Most Consistent Writer and Submitter for 2010 is…well, I thought Robin was going to take this one again, but when I analysed the statistics with more care….

In third place… Robin!
In second place… Sylvia!
In first place, my star of the year, is…. Pam!!! Eight months on approved, one on almost happy – that's hard to beat.

Or is it? 2011 awaits you my pretties… Rules will be up soon, in the meantime keep on writing.

Once again, thank you to JJ de Benedictis for the wonderful artwork that brings the challenge to life. (Ah, my pet...I'll get you some more tasty toenails in 2011, I promise.)


Angie said...

Hey, congrats to Pam! [applause] And Travis and JJ!

And, um, to everyone else. [grin]


fairyhedgehog said...

Congrats to everyone who took the challenge! I admire you from the sidelines.

Robin B. said...

Congrats to Pam!!!

McK - thanks for keeping us in line, Oh Mighty One!

PD Singer said...

Thank you, and am I glad you posted this before I went to share a dismal December. It's good to have an, erm, external source of motivation.

jjdebenedictis said...

Yay, Pam!

And hurrah for Janey, surviving The Koala's most intensive affections! Lesser women have been reduced to unfortunate stains on the carpet by such sport.

Ah, my pet...I'll get you some more tasty toenails in 2011, I promise.

**malevolent purring**

**strokes pincers in anticipation**

stacy said...

Congrats to everyone who won the good awards.

Peter Dudley said...

I think I am thrilled not to have won any awards.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Best manners? Ooh. I'm tetched, um, touched.

Congrats to Janey for winning the most awards. :-)

Are we all going to Belize?

Phoenix said...

Go team!

McKoala said...

Goody, we're all going to Belize. Who's paying?

Aniket said...

I never reported for December. It was going to be just one squeaky little point - AGAIN! Undercover genius who is expert in avoiding the deathly radar - that's me. High Five back to the clawed furry one and looking forward to what's in store for 2011 and JJs artwork.

Congrats to Pam and other winners. Go Janey! (Did I say that out aloud?)

Pete should get a lifetime achievement award. :)

Sylvia said...

I'm totally telling my mother that I got the best manners award ... she'll never believe it!

Yay for everyone with an award and may the McKoala claws always stay sharp.

Merry Monteleone said...

I'd gush but I'm feeling rather bad about using the damn excuse.

Game face on. Starting with pitch crits ;-)

(totally digging on the lettuce leaf award for travis, btw)