Friday, January 14, 2011

New feature...

Right under the challenge - McK's top ten books of 2011 - as in books read, rather than books published. I read an eclectic range of books at very expensive speed - so I'm more of a library user than a book buyer for budget and groaning floorboard reasons. I'll read almost anything. Almost. I kind of like it to be good. I thought it might be interesting to keep track of the good 'uns. I will tactfully not mention the bad 'uns. Or the disappointing ones (Mr K, what were you thinking...).

I'm reading like a mad thing at the moment, because for various reasons I'm on a little writing hiatus. Yes my stats will be miserable this month, but they should rocket up in due course. Trust me. Don't you?


Sarah Laurenson said...

Ah Ender's Game. Lots of books in this particular series. Most are good, a few are not.

Robin B. said...

Allie loved Ender's Game when she first read it a while back, and it's stayed in her tops. She's a reader in a big way, so that's saying something. I've never read it, but it sounds like that's a boo boo.

My Jan number is gonna be low, but I'm actually getting some good non-point writing stuff done. I promise!

Phoenix said...

Yeah, right, trust me.

The novel doesn't have all the plotholes the query implies. Trust me.

I'm setting up to be the next J.K. Trust me.

It all makes sense if you just read the book. Trust me.

You and me, Agent Man, we're gonna make millions on this one. Trust me.

Koala claws only hurt a little. Trust me.

Trust no one. That's my mantra for 2011.

Ooh, and you are a tough critic, too, aren't you? 7 read and only 2 made it on the list. Now I'm dying to know which ones NOT to spend precious time reading!!

jjdebenedictis said...

The Crystal City is another good one by Orson Scott Card. He does an impressive job of using the "show, don't tell" principle.

(But please do consider getting his books from the library; he has a few icky political beliefs. Great writer, but I won't support him financially if he uses his platform to campaign for such things.)

McKoala said...

Sleep soundly, my Goblin. All my reads so far this year have come from the library. I was thinking of looking out for more by Card (or Scott Card?), though, so I'll keep an eye out for that one. Trust me.

Robin B. said...

I've gotta go back to library-ing pretty soon. I have soooooo many books. And, as I'm about to stop working and have time to write, I've gotta make the most out of the time and...uh...write. So no moolah on books for a while for Robin. Gotta dust off my libe card.