Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jolly January!

Or was it? The month is almost up and it's time to boast about your wordage - or atone for your slacking! Have you made me happy or should I be packing my claws and heading your way? Report your totals in the comments and claim your badges

Reporting Example: Myself

One point for taking part in the introductions post
8000 words written - so one point for the first 4000 and one for each of the next 2000. Three points total here.
One point for submitting a short story this month.

Five points for The Koala!

Check up on the rules here.


Whirlochre said...

It's as if the Grim Reaper had won the lottery, isn't it?

Lots of "free goes".


4000 words writing — 2 points
4000 words editing — 1 point
Subs — 1 point
Flash comp — 1 point

5 points total.

So — while I don't exactly rock this month, hopefully not too much of my anatomy will be forced to roll.

Phoenix said...

This was a good month for me, but it sets up decidedly unrealistic expectations for the rest of 2011.

1 pt - intro post (hi everybody!)
1 pt - sent request for a blurb (harder by far than anything else on the list - an unapproved one-off; may I have a ruling, O Claw-Baring Koala?)
1 pt - short story sub to the pro market Beneath Ceaseless Skies
14 pts - novel subs to agents
1 pt - novel contest sub to Del Rey/Suvudu (full ms, which is really like Del Rey opening to unagented subs for 6 weeks with a relatively fast response time - woohoo!)
1 pt - novel sub to Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest (it was an accident, I swear!)
4 pts - 20K words edited

23 pts total (unless the request for a blurb doesn't count, in which case 22)

Lauren K said...
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Merry Monteleone said...

Crimeny, I suck by comparison, but here goes:

Intro post - 1 pt.
Query pitch written - 1 pt.
Articles submitted - 1 pt.

Resumes and coverletters written - a flippin buttload... there's no pointage for this, I know, but it'll explain my less than stellar writing performance.

3 measely points.

Whirlochre said...

Just snooped on the fire bird.

If novel subs are worth one point each, I claim 12 more points!

And a bandana.

jjdebenedictis said...

Introduction post: 1 pt
Writing: 2 pts
Submission: 1 pt
Contest entry: 1 pt

5 Koala points! OMStars, I didn't think I had done that well this month!


Phoenix said...

Perhaps I've creatively interpreted *Biggest change for 2011* One point for a novel submission (no more straight to Approves for a single submission!)?

I read "a" as meaning "each". Otherwise, it's only one point ever to submit a novel. I think the actual intent is to keep us submitting and rewarding us for doing so without over-rewarding us with unconditional approval just because we slipped a query under an agent's door at 11:59 pm on the last day of the month.

Jenna Jones said...

1 pt, introduction post
1 pt, 4000 words written
7 pts, additional 14,000 words written
1 pt, 7000 words edited

10 points total.

Sempra said...

Introduction = 1
10 000 words edited = 2
3 000 words written = 1

Total = 4 points

Lauren K said...

intro- 1pt
wrote 16000 words- 7pts
7 short story and poem submissions-7pts

total 15

Peter Dudley said...

Good month for me. 10 points total.
1 - One short story submission
9 - 20,000 words written

(I'm guessing at the 18,000... I suspect it's closer to 26,000 but have not been keeping daily track.)

McKoala said...

Ha, Whirl nothing is free when the fat koala sings...but yes, one point per novel submission, so you get your extra twelve.

Phoenix, I'll give you the blurb request - definitely relevant to the business of writing. LOL, the Amazon 'accident', ha!

Good work, most of the rest of you...

Sylvia said...

1 point for the introduction
0 points for new words written
1 point for 4,186 words edited
5 points for stories submitted

7 points!

Stevie Carroll said...

In spite of technology difficulties at the end of the month I managed:

Intro post: 1 point
20,000 words written: 9 points

Total: 10 points

Now to get the tech to behave and keep my momentum going...

writtenwyrdd said...

I guess I skated by with one point, seeing as I posted in the introductions post. But I haven't written at all since I got the pups, except for a few goggie mushy blog and Fb posts. :)

Angie said...

Posting Bio -- 1
Submissions -- 3
Writing 6833 -- 2
Editing 18,974 -- 3
TOTAL -- 9

I don't believe I missed another editing point by 26 words! [headdesk x a dozen]


McKoala said...

LOL, Angie. The Koala is merciless!

More results coming in!

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm having a contest on my blog again. Details here: Deadline is this Saturday, winner chosen on Sunday.

iasa said...

um, yeah is January over already?

well i introduced myself -1 point

yep that's it one point, but this month is already looking better.

PD Singer said...

1 introduction
1 query on a novel
15 Kazillion words of rewrites, um, this one is a true case of "You never finish writing, you just say to hell with it." Kazillion = work on 60k. And just think, this will be good for 1 point next month when it goes out...

Aniket said...

@Phoenix: 23! I don't score that in an entire year!

@McK: I start off the new year with my characteristic mesmerizing charm, that shiny smile and meager 2 points.

Yes, thats 2 including the one point you oh-so-very generously gave for the introduction page. :D That's just 1 story submission for me in a month.

Am I good at running under the radar or am I gu-hud?

Though if you could include writing code for a website related to writing, I'd be getting a few more. After-all 'code is poetry', right?Right?

McKoala said...

Iasa, just safe and no more.

Kazillion? Kazillion? The Koala discounts anything above a Bazillion.

Aniket, put the smile away. It won't work. You've proved that you can get yourself up to 5 points a month and that is what The Koala now expects. And The Koala has written a few lines of code herself and she is well aware that it is not poetry!!!

Robin B. said...

Oops! Forgot to come by and say hi...

The month of January I can only claim 1 point, for writing a bit upwards of 4K, word-wise.

I've gathered notes and paragraphs for a synopsis, but haven't actually done it, so that doesn't count.

Jan and Feb are gonna suck, but then...

Anyway, for Jan - 1 point is it for me.

Robin B. said...

Forgot we recieved a point for writng an introduction a few weeks ago - so I'm up to a whopping 2 points! Woo hoo!

stacy said...

I don't know how many words I wrote (much of it was by hand), but I'd say it was 2K.

Three articles submitted. 3 points.

Mar Durango said...

Intro post - 1 pt
4000 writing - 1 pt
4000 editing - 1 pt

The rules state "One point for every short story, poem or other short fiction submission to a competition or magazine." What about submissions for stand-alone short story e-publication? If that counts, than 4 points total for January.

McKoala said...

Mar, sorry did not see this until today. I suspect this qualifies, but please can you explain a little more for a definitive Koala Ruling?

McKoala said...

Duh, still didn't remember to check the follow-up box. Checked now!

Mar Durango said...

Thanks, Koala! I submitted a short story to Torquere Books ( in January (which was accepted and published today). The story's available for purchase as an e-book.

McKoala said...

Yup, I'll give you the point, and congrats on the publication!