Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ah, soccer boy

With fire in their bellies and blisters on their feet (new soccer boots are such a pain), the 8P1s took to the field. To be confronted with the same group of girls they drew with in their very last game of last year. (When I say 'they', I mean the four players that were on last year's team that are also on this year's team). Of course, that got them even more fired up.

I'd like to be nice about this, but 8-1. Again, 8-1. Two goals from Soccer Boy, two each from three of his friends and the other three came close to scoring too. The girls only got one chance, they took it with both hands and scored, but after that they had no chance. One more time 8-1.

My athleticism nearly matched that of Soccer Boy, with another visit to the gym. I worked a bit harder this time, having got over the fear that I was going to break myself. I got my heart rate up to the recommended level and survived. Pain no worse than last time. I may even be looking forward to going back, but I refuse to commit myself to that statement.

Other than our family sporting endeavours, I spent virtually all my computer time this week wrestling with a printer and software issue. Finally fixed it on Friday (myself, the barrage of e-mails to the tech experts didn't help me one little bit) and managed to send out an edited version of'The Party' to a couple of mags. Other than that, no new writing recently. I wrote half a page of a new story, not enough to count, but the idea is still wriggling around, so I may finish that this week if work isn't too demanding.

So, if I were grading this week, I'd give my body 8/10 and brain 10/10. I was thinking that my brain deserved a much lower mark for not actually doing any writing, but, on the other hand, it did fix my faithful 'puter, without which I'd probably do no writing whatsoever, so I think it deserves some praise.


ChristineEldin said...

Sounds like a good week, all in all!
I have a new personal trainer. I've tried for two months on my own, but it's not working. I had a (hunky) personal trainer last year, and the pounds melted away. So I just joined again. (This time, I'm going to be very very careful about not letting myself get this overweight).
Anyway, he's gay. I don't have the same kind of sexual fantasies that I did last year, but he's much better than DH at conversation. Is that a cliche? I hope not. He's really nice and very encouraging.
And very hot.....(sigh)

Robin S. said...

The best trainer I EVER had was a freakin' gorgeous gay guy. I'd have married that guy, except I couldn't, obviously. He moved to Atlanta a few years before we moved to the DC area. I still miss him, and not just for the training.
He was one of my favorite people, ever, in the world. I miss him.

OK- McK - you now know what you gotta get.

But I'd say you had a damn good week last week,McK. you go, girl.
And then, get a trainer. A cool one.

And NOT a female. They work ya too hard, and they don't have the same sense of humor.

McKoala said...

A hot trainer sounds like a good reward for work well done. However, my gym is women-only so he wouldn't even get through the door...

One of my friends had an ex-army guy as a trainer. He was really tough, but she's superfit and can now do handstand push-ups. I can't do either a handstand or a push-up. I'm the original skinny weakling.

However, I was at the gym last night, so so far I'm sticking to my aim of getting there three or four times a week. What effect that will have on my writing, I don't know. Probably not a good one, given that writing time is limited anyway. But Must Have Health.

ChristineEldin said...

Now I'm not so sure that my PT is gay.
Do people in England call their boyfriends/girlfriends "partners?"

McKoala said...

Yes, sometimes, especially if it's e.g. a live-in or long-term relationship.