Monday, April 21, 2008

Procrastination Buster - Aerin's up!

Check out Aerin's blog - she's picked up the challenge of writing a serial story in just a few days. (And she's tagged me too - post coming up later when the kids are quiet - it's holiday time here!)

Please visit Aerin's blog and see how her story's coming along.

Hey, this approach worked for Dickens... Robin's going to be doing it too, and her story will be posted here, so keep watching for updates.


blogless troll said...

Sorry, you're tagged.

wafla said...

Wow McKoala -- the last time I checked your blog you only had two posts. I'm SO impressed and happy that you have representation!! What an accomplishment -- I'm your biggest Mississippi fan. I'll try to be in touch more often, I don't want to miss anything.

McKoala said...

Wafla, I'm glad to see you! I tried to attract your attention last time you visited the Crapometer (I haven't been so much myself recently...), but wasn't sure if you saw it.

Thank you so much, and please keep in touch! Yes, I've turned into a blogger, how tragic, but then so has the guy above you who even has blogless in his name. Once the bug gets you...

Robin S. said...

Hey, McK- don't get me started on 'the bug', girl. That freakin' BT tagged me. ME. For a meme thingie. I'm posting it on his damn blog, is all I know. If he'll let me.

In other news, I thought your mention of Dickens earlier - in the previous post- was inspiring. Amazing that the man's contemporaries considered him a hack. Who would do that, people ask? My answer would be - quais-literati that are now largely forgotten.

Anyway - I'm nervous and excited about my turn on Friday, and I'll be reading Aerin's soon. Do I email to you or post?

PS- Did you read your email today?

Go Aerin!

McKoala said...

Yes, I'm tagged too - and twice, thanks BT and Aerin! - hope to get around to it tomorrow, about to go out on kids social frenzy which will take the rest of the day. They're too darn popular, that's what I say.

Can you email it to me and I will post? This is fun. Maybe I'll start tagging people with people who've just tagged me with this meme...that would make next in line...BT...heh, heh