Saturday, April 12, 2008

How was your writing week?

I've been on a bit of an unplanned writing hiatus. Not writer's block, more writer's faff. I started to research for a possible new novel, but found the research so boring that I had to stop! Ah, my dedication. I love the characters that are demanding to squeeze themselves into the novel; I love my basic plot and the idea of the background...but the research for that background. What a yawn. So many poor novels and very little usable non-fiction or original sources (one being so boring and so badly written I just couldn't get through it). Solution? Possibly to relocate the story slightly to the future and apply what I've learned with a degree of re-interpretation. Not science-fiction, not really, but a slightly changed world, where different rules can apply in the face of impending devastation.

While mulling that over, a process that I do not wish to hurry, this week I wrote 4,772 words of a new short story. 'Short'? I know, another 15,000 or so and it will be a novella. Hey, chuck in 60,000 and call it a novel. I expect it to finish in another 1000 words or so, though.

And then there's the famous re-editing of Maureen, which I keep talking about and not doing.

So, tally for the week:

New words: 4,772
Re-editing Maureen: 0
New novel research: -0
New novel ideas: plenty


Conduit said...

"Writer's Faff" - I suffer from that. In fact, I'm having a bout of it right now. :)

Robin S. said...

I'm working through my chapters, one by one. I'm on #6 now. It's a tough one, as I wrote it in two waves - the first- well, well over a year ago- and the second - in the past few months.

Chapter 7 is special to me - I'm spending next week on that one.

Then, because of the intensity of the subject matter of the next 3 chapters- I'm fast-forwarding to chapter 10 on, to polish up, and will dig in for 8 and 9 in, most probably, mid-May.

But for now- I'm making good progress with blending chapter 6 versions this week - expect to finish afetr a marathon this evening, after a week's work.

Chapter 5 was last week- it was a bear to reconfigure - for the reason why - see note on Chapter 6please.

What can I say? I'm a convoluted writer.

McKoala said...

LOL Conduit. There's a time for faff and a time for focus. Right now it's time for focus. Back to the keyboard my friend, and no Guinness until you're finished. Not that I buy into any kind of Irish stereotype or anything.

Robin, my head is spinning, but at least you're writing, so yay for you!

Sarah Laurenson said...

I'm trying to figure out my writing schedule. The girlfriend moved in and I have to rework when I do what. Wanted to finish one book this month. I need another 13,000 words or so. Not a huge task, but I've only had one chance to really work on it and got about 1500 words out of that day. (And my main character took off with the story completely. Just where does he think he's going? For Pete's sake.)

Too much stuff to do around the house. Work has gotten busy again and I've had a few booked weekends to contend with. But it's always something and my priorities need to shift again.

*sigh* The never ending task of placing priorities in the right order. Don't know why I can't do it all.

Whirlochre said...

I'm on 56k of 90, though some of my material has been resting in a drawer for so long it's indistinguishable from rancid gorgonzola, not least in terms of readability.

At present, I'm between splurges, trying to match up stuff I wrote a while ago when the world was different with the fledgling animations of my remaining 33k drafts-to-be — which is a very convoluted way of saying Wauuugh!

I think it's a case of acknowledging with some reluctance that over the coming months I need to wield the Flannel Hatchet and the Word Semen Cannon with equal deftness/ferocity — which means many long hours chained to the computer when I should be outside bronzing my torso and knocking back beers till I can't stand up.

McKoala said...

Hi Sarah - life really can get in the way sometimes! So far this week my word count is at zero - school holidays.

Whirlochre; I've got some overripe stilton in my drawer. As for beer - sometimes it can inspire...

Ello said...

See I love the research part. it is usually where I get all my writing inspiration!

McKoala said...

I'll call you in when I next need to do some, ello!